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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Aunty Pan Mee of Subang Perdana Court 2 is relocating by end Feb to Sungai Buloh

OK! Guys. This Aunty Pan Mee is my favourite food stall since she first started business at Taipan USJ10. I was so hooked to her dishes and when she later moved to another location, I went and hunt for her. It took me almost two months to locate her at her new place. Thankfully it was still in USJ. Her current stall is in Subang Perdana Goodyear Court 2, next to the BRT USJ7. (Thank you to reader Meng Chauw Bee for correcting me) I have been her avid fan for more than 10 years.

She has been here at the current coffee shop at USJ 6 (Restoran Wai Kwan) for 6 years and by end of this month (Feb), she is moving again. To my horror this time somewhere further away.....Sungai Buloh! Netherless (scroll down to the last part of this blogpost) and you will be able to find her as the address of her new stall is there.
I started off eating her pan mee and later changed to my current favourite her Yee Mee soup. What makes her noodles so good? It's her chilli of course! I can never get enough of it. Sometimes she is so kind enough and let me pack some for my own consumption. I use her chilli to compliment some other noodle places that do not offer sambal. Yup! I sometimes bring my own sambal or chilli sauce to other noodle stalls. My favourite item is the Yee Mee Soup. With aromatic ikan bilis as soup base, I am addicted and sometimes crave for this dish.
Pan Mee Soup
Dry Pan Mee
Her chilli is the best! Quite pedas also. Ada "kick"

Her Pan Mee is also awesome.
She is one hardworking lady.
By end of February, she will relocate here. Subang Jaya folks, this will be her new place if you wanna find her!

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