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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Valentine's Dinner Preview - EM By TedBoy at Transit Hotel KL

The month of L.O.V.E is coming soon. In fact right after Chinese New Year, it's Valentine's Day already! 
Can you believe it?
Wondering where to take your beloved out for a romantic dinner this Valentine? Why not head over to EM by TedBoy

It is located at this strategic hotel called Transit Hotel in Pudu. 
Here's the address:
42, Jalan Pudu, Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.

At night the Hotel is clearly visible and it's located just opposite the UTC, Pudu Sentral. Who can miss it with a huge brightly lit signage like this.

The menu comes in a FOR HIM (All the Items on the Right) and FOR HER (All the Items on the Left) selection 
I had the opportunity to taste the great food prepared by Chef Pierre from France. I just love his detailing and food presentation. The food looks so presentable and tastes great too! For a start, I tried the Pink Lady Cocktail and Canapes.

The Pink Lady comprises of a mixture of cranberry juice, lemon, vodka and triple sec. 
The Canapes (below) consist of the following:
* Rice with Pesto Sauce
* Mushroom Soup (in the little glass)
*Black Olive Tapenade on Bruschetta
* Prawn with Mango Salsa

The starters come in small bite sizes. My favourite is the flavourful rice in pesto sauce as I have a thing for Pesto sauce these days. It tastes go good. I wish I had more.
For starters, I tried this beautifully crafted Beetroot and Feta Chantilly Mille-feuilles with Pomegranate Dressing. This is a cold dish and although it's presented like a dessert, it's not sweet. It's a savoury dish. 

Next, I tried the Tomato Vodka Granite which is a French sorbet. The French people believes in cleaning the palate between the entree and the main course.

Next, was the main course. For him, it was the Butterfish Fillet with Red Capsicum, Coulis, Potato Gratin and Vegetable Tian. The soft and tender fillet melts in my mouth with a wonderful flavour. Pairing it with the Coulis makes the whole dish very appetizing.

For her, we tried the Pan-fried Duck Breast with Raspberry Sauce, Potato Gratin and Vegetable Tian.
The duck is semi-cooked, just like how the French dines it. This is my first time eating a semi cooked duck. At first sight it looks rather raw, but once I put it into my mouth, the meat is so soft and tender and is so juicy. I am starting to love this!

And for dessert, I tried the Mille-Feuille with Strawberries which is a famous French Pastry. This classic French pastry consist of layers of thin puff pastry and cream filling.

 And I also got to try the other dessert, Em's Signature Pavlova. It is a meringue dessert with a crisp crust, soft and light on the inside, topped with fruit and whipped cream.

After having my hearty meal, I decided to explore the rest of this hidden gem. Stepping right upstairs, I discovered a place so beautiful. It's a sanctuary for instagram photos.

Green Green Grass of Home.
EM is also a place for Fusion Mediterranean Food. They offer Mediterranean dishes with a dash of Asian Flavour. And the person behind all this great food which is heavily influenced by a French touch is none other than Pierre that helms from France itself. Having lived here for more than 20 years, I am pretty sure he has been very localized too and understands the Asian local taste well.
I am super delighted to be a part of this eye opener for a French inspired dinner preview with special thanks to Hooi Khaw, a veteran foodist and a journalist I call "sifu". Have a Happy Valentine's Day friends and start planning your Valentine Dinner soon. I hope with this preview, you will be able to share Pierre's awesome food creations with your loved ones too just in time for Valentine's Day! Call EM By TedBoy for reservations at 03- 2022 2056.

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