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Saturday, December 31, 2016

NEW Water Essence Skin Activating Facial Treatment

The New Water Essence Skin Activating Facial Treatment
Recently, I was invited to try out Jurlique's latest facial treatment - The New Water Essence Skin Activating Facial Treatment.

This facial treatment helps to purify impurities on skin' surface and protects skin from premature aging caused my environmental pollution.

This intensive hydrating facial treatment helps to activate our skin in 3 ways.
It Hydrates, Conditions and Revitalises.
The private room where I had my facial was super cozy. I was given a tube-like dress to change to facilitate the facial process. Changing into this enables the therapist to massage areas like my shoulder and neck effortlessly.
I laid down with my hair neatly wrapped in a towel and my pampering journey began.
 As a start, the Purity Specialist Compress Concentrate was used to prep and soften my skin before the start of the facial. It contains Indian Cress Extract and Chamomile Extract.
It helps to open my pores and removes impurities. This formulation also helps protect skin against environmental aggressors and prevents premature skin aging. It also provides soothing protection and moisturisation to the skin.

One cap diluted in slightly hot water. Equipped with essential oil, the smell is heavenly as the therapist laid a hot towel on my face. The feeling was just wonderful.
A canggih machine used during my facial session.
This is called the ultrasonic skin scrubber. The strong ultrasonic vibration generated at the tip of the scrubber helps remove impurities more effectively.
 Next, she uses the Purity Specialist Treatment Mask which contains Kaolin Clay and Apricot Kernal. This is a cream based clay mask that does not dry out. It contains tiny scrubs and with a tinge of peppermint as ingredient with that cooling effect. She applied a layer on my face and I immediately felt the cool feeling. It was laid to rest on my face for 10 minutes before she gently rubs in circular motion to exfoliate my dead skin cells. This mask not only scrubs away dead skin cells, it also deeply cleanses my skin, giving me a finer texture, even skin tone and a brighter complexion.
 Thereafter, the therapist uses Jurlique's Hydrating Water Essence, which is a pre-serum. Equipped with Marshmallow root, this pre-serum activate skin's ability to retain moisture and forms a protective barrier that prevents moisture loss, leaving my skin soft and smooth after application.
The friendly therapist, Miss Liew began to slightly massage my feet. I was amazed that a facial comes with a mini feet massage. I couldn't be happier as my feet were tired from all the walking that day. 

I was in deep sleep as the therapist massaged my face gently and giving that extra touch on my stiff neck and shoulders. It all felt so good. Later, another round of hydration mask was applied onto my skin and I rested for another 20 minutes. Right after the session, I could see immediate effects. My skin has a radiant glow and brightening effect.
Right up till the very next day, I skin felt clean and bright.
This whole facial treatment session is 1 Hour and 45 Minutes and priced at RM 430.00
There is a 50% off for first trial which ends on 31 Dec 2016 but I heard thispromotion may be extended for another month.  Enquire in store for more details on the promotion.
For more details, log on to Jurlique's Facebook Page.

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