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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Masterclass with Buddy Valastro

I had the opportunity to attend Buddy Valastro's Cup Cake Decorating Masterclass Workshop at The Philippines recently courtesy of TLC, the leading International travel and lifestyle channel. Everything was properly arranged from tip to toe. There was a waiting corner (picture below) for guests who arrive early to sit, chill and mingle. The backdrop looks amazing.

Getting ready for the class in our TLC aprons which was part of the welcome gift during registration.
Cake Boss merchandise on display at the workshop area. WOW! his very own brand. I'm amazed. Get ready to be bombed by tons of photos taken during the event.

Before the workshop started, guests were served various mouthwatering desserts. Just the sight of these desserts will make your jaw drop. 

Chocolate fountain with 3 different flavours.
Sweetness Overload in these white chocolate and chocolate chip toppings.
The scrumptious dessert spread. All sorts of pie that you can ever imagine greeted us. Oh! What a lovely sight. Me and mom got so excited even before it all began.
We got to sink our teeth in all these yummy desserts made specially for the guests at the Masterclass

Looking "Wai Sek" we cannot wait to sink our teeth in these yummy offerings prepared for us. I truly admire all these desserts. Their food presentation is simply awesome.

 Sweet Treats. Candies of all sorts for the guests.
Besides pies there were also dessert like these.

The tables were also decorated with beautiful plants like these with TLC brand name.
Met this gorgeous lady at the workshop. She looked like a celebrity and indeed she is! I walked up to her and said hello and she introduced herself as Bettinna Carlos. This talented lady is also an actress and a host. She blogs at

The set up for the filming on one of the episodes at Shangri-la at The Fort's Banifacio Hall. Am so fortunate to be a part of this.

Behind the scenes
Here is our work station.
With other participants
Me and mom having some mother-daughter bonding moments at the workshop. Mom is super happy.

Just look at her pose with the unfinished cupcakes.

More poses with mom before the start of the workshop
Our happy happy moments that money can't buy. Simply unforgettable.
The host for the day was none other than Miss Donita Rose, an ex MTV VJ.
She is certainly a great host and seeing her in real life is just too good to be true.. I used to watch her in my younger days on MTV. She is still as gorgeous as ever. comes BUDDY! Everyone cheered and clapped when he took the stage.

We were all entertained with his stories and the best part was the people on the floor get to ask him questions.
He is very humble and approachable. I have seen the way he attracted the crowd the day before at the TLC event. It was like bees to honey. Ants to sugar. I'm not kidding. I shared a scene from my previous blogpost here when this America's all time favourite baker made his apprearance at the TLC Fest, it was massive invasion. Everyone wants a piece of him! I couldn't be luckier when I got to see him in person for two to three days in a row. And even rub shoulders with him.
He shared his story and aspirations. Mom wanted to ask a question but was poking me to ask him instead. The joke was on mom when I took the mic and started talking and explained that mom had actually wanted to ask Buddy this question and threw the mic back to mom! I'm so naughty. She was caught off guard and had to ask Buddy herself!
Curious on what mom's question was? She asked Buddy if his children will continue his legacy.

And so, Buddy shared with us his cupcake decorating techniques live! It was like magic. He did it effortlessly. These were his awesome creation. He is certainly the CAKE BOSS.  
What a beauty! Too sayang to eat.

Compare his and mine. Mine dunno look like what! I was trying to recreate his rose cupcake demo but I failed miserably. And the one on the far left also dunno look like what.
Bumped into Dan Churchill, the Australian Surfing The Menu host who was seated just behind me and this was his smiley creation.
The Cake Boss is really a darling at heart. He spent time making his rounds, greeting everyone one-by-one and making time for each and every one of us. Time for some selfie with the man.

With mom joining in too

Mom's masterpiece. Not bad at all.

Andy and mom. Winners from Singapore posing with their cupcakes
A picture perfect moment of mom and Donita Rose.

Angelyn and Ted from Singapore receiving their certificate from the Cake Boss

Saw Andy in this pose and I wanted one too. Wait for my version.

During my flight to the Philippines, I got the Malay Mail on board while flying Malaysia Airlines. Kept the copy and passed it to Buddy himself after the workshop. He was thrilled. He made it to the front page of The Malay Mail and I am so proud to hand this over to him.

Made Buddy Valastro pose with the Malay Mail
Below are more photos and happenings all around from the Masterclass session

Q&A from a little boy who loves to bake
Buddy all ears listening to the littke boy's question
He is an inspiration to all

Buddy in action twirling the cream and making beautiful cupcakes

One more look at his beautiful creation. Which is your favourite?

Dan having some fun too
Personal attention and interaction with the participants. Never did he miss out anyone. Such great PR skills.
This lady here assisted me with my deco. She reminds me of my Spanish Girlfriend Bea and I can't wait to show Bea her long lost twin sister!

Some of the beautiful creation from other talented participants who owns a cake shop! Patutlah super cantik!
Bettina Carlos: All smiles meeting Cake Boss
Creations from Bettina Carlos
WOW! This is amazing. Looks like a Christmas tree cupcake
Such beautiful work of art

Receiving our certificates
I gave a kiss to Cake Boss. Look I'm all red and blushing already.
He's the Cake Boss!
Thank you TLC SEA for this Golden Opportunity.

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