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Sunday, December 4, 2016

28Mall gateway for online retail therapy is a new online retail platform and is the first luxury online shopping mall. Last weekend I had the opportunity to preview what they have to offer and I also signed up to give it a try. This platform offers 100% authentic products.

Sharing this new platform with us was Fione Tan,the co-founder of 28Mall. Fione explains that the 28Mall online platform uses a new shopping reward point system called Hong Bao, which gives away free shopping points in the form of Hong Bao Dollars (HB$) to entice members to join. Once you sign up, refer friends and log in daily to your 28Mall account, you will be rewarded with points daily. Accumulate up to a certain amount and you will get to redeem gifts by paying a lower amount or even for free!

Here's the secret. When you have enough points, go to the Free Hong Bao Deals section.

I got my eyes on this Abalone! But for now I am hardworking in accumulating my HB Points. Wish me luck!

Here are some products sold at 28Mall. Redeem this for free with only 4 Hong Bao Dollar at the Free Hong Bao Deals section.
 Managed to redeem mine! Yay! If you wanna save on shipping cost, you can also drop by and collect at their office located just above the Bangsar LRT. Talk about convenience!

 A wide range of Baby Products are also available.

 Korean Beauty Products
 Luxury Food Items

Luxury Lipstick!

 Happy Shopping and browsing!
Amber Chia as the brand ambassador of 28Mall in Malaysia. 

Click here to register and claim your free Hong Bao and start shopping online at 28Mall today!

 Some of my Hong Bao Accumulated over the last 2 days.

Happy Times. Gambar mesra bersama rakan blogger yang lain.


  1. Thanks for the review Choy Peng and this shows you have lot of supportive friends who will love the HongBao you give them! rdgs Fione,