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Sunday, November 13, 2016

My Family Mart Visit

I just got back from visiting the very first Family Mart in Malaysia. It is located at Wisma Lim Foo Yong, Jalan Raja Chulan. Look! I am all dressed in my kimono-like outfit in blue to match the Family Mart logo and theme. For those who do not know, Family Mart is a popular Japanese Convenience Store.

One of their famous item is the Onigiri (お握り or 御握り). There are two types sold there. Chicken Mayo & Tuna. For its opening specials these are on 25% off.
Sandwiches like these are also found there. But the rack tinggal satu aje during that time of my visit. 
 Yummy Family Mart Dessert! Wish I can eat them all!

Something interesting for lunch maybe? Soup base macam steamboat style.

 There is a section dedicated to bakery. Upon my inspection, their bakery buns look really fresh! You guys should give it a try when you're there!
 This was the crowd at 11am. I can imagine the afternoon lunch crowd. It's gonna be madness. People flock to Family Mart like crazy. I heard on Sat night they closed their doors as early as 9pm cause most of the items were sold out but the crowd still comes pouring in. They are not open for 24 hours at the moment. They are still coping with the stocks.

So I heard some items were all gone the other day and they have restocked. But when they open their doors, within hours the items were all snapped up again. Check out the sold out rack. Even some of the interesting drinks are gone.
In house snacks branded with their own Family Mart Brand. Not sure what are these but bought some to try.
 Their other snack food corner.
 These are actually my favourite. But they are all gone! The pricing here is so affordable for these Kororo Gummy Candies. I have seen a place selling at almost RM8-9 a pack in Damen, USJ.
This Kororo Gummy candy is highly recommended guys. I love "bursting" them and playing with these gummies in my mouth. 
 This looks like a pharmacy. It's great to see the Family Mart so complete. Not bad. Not bad. My first encounter was in Tokyo and their outlet is huge! I just got back from Manila but the Family Mart there was so so only. Malaysia's Family Mart is pretty amazing I must say.
 Lining up and super happy after getting my hands on some onigiri

 Here's a look at some of their opening promotions. Too bad their premium ice cream sudah habis. Cannot try it this time. Don't say I didn't share with you. Some of you may be disappointed to find most of the Japanese items you were looking for out of stock at the moment.
 I will be back again Family Mart. Hopefully all your stocks will be restocked soon to accommodate the overwhelming crowd. Can't wait to try your premium ice cream!


  1. haha now really lots Japan company opens store here
    after Isetan Japan, Jalan-jalan Jepun and also Family Mart

    1. Betul tu! I belum check out Jalan Jalan Japan yet. When they open next week I will! Have u been there yet with the other bloggers last week?