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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The MOB Platter at Italiannies

Hey guys!!!! 
Italiannies is currently running their MOB Platter promotion from 1 - 16 Oct 2016. Should you order this platter at Italiannies be sure to check your wooden board below for a chance to eat this platter for free! It's worth RM149.90 and is suitable for sharing between 3-4 persons. 

All you have to do is:

1. Finish your Mob Platter.
2. Look closely to spot if you got a platter with the Don emblem.
3. Snap a photo of your party with the platter.
4. Post the photo on the Italiannies Facebook page with the hashtags #findingthedon and #italiannies.

5. Present the Facebook post to the outlet manager for verification.

Here's my platter and it comes with three different sauces to go with it.

The platter consist of the above mix. My personal favourite is the mixed salad and it comes in some sort of lemony tangerine-like dressing. I was secretly hoping that I could order this from the main menu's salad next time but unfortunately it's only made available exclusively when you order this platter. 
Please please make this into the main menu. I loved it soooooo much!
 The salmon was also done in perfection and the cheese balls were awesome.
Dad had a great time enjoying his lanb and mom loved the salmon. The marinara meatballs dipped in the special tomato & basil sauce was a hit!
 OK! After almost finishing our meal I began to hunt for the Don. I turned it upside down and all around but Alas, luck was not on my side. No Don sighted. 
According to the outlet manager it is random. Some of the staff also told me that customers came in and ordered the mob platter, eat and go and some did not even know there's this promo where they could stand a chance to eat this platter for free!  So don't miss out when you head over to Italianies next, should you order this Mob platter. It's till 16th Oct 2016 only.

For more details head on over to Italiannies' Facebook Page 

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