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Thursday, October 6, 2016

SIMPLYD XTheEntertainer

I have been a huge fan of Simply D.
They have a good mix of western and local cuisine to suit every taste buds.  
The ambience at Simply D is warm and cozy. I feel just right at home.
Simplicity at its best!

Simply D offers a wide variety of pasta types. Somehow by chance during my very first visit 2 years ago at its Nu Sentral outlet, I ordered the Roasted Garlic and Sun Dried Tomato Aglio Aglio and that has been my favourite item since. My favourite add on item would be their mushrooms. It makes the whole meal more complete. I love the feel when the sun dried tomatoes burst in my mouth with its juiciness with a tinge of sourness that makes my meal more appetizing.

Now here's a little secret I'm gonna share with you on how I localize a Western Cuisine (Spaghetti) and make it taste like eating a local Pan Mee (although they do have the local Pan Mee)

If you can take spicy food, the Roasted Garlic and Sun Dried Tomato Aglio Aglio is best complimented with Simply D's never ending flow of sambal belacan and chilli sauce located by the sauce counter. 
 Zoom in on these two and they go so well with the spaghetti dish. My gf is a die hard fan of Simply D's sambal belacan and chilli sambal now and she wouldn't take her spaghetti without it. 

Once you have tried this combination, I am very sure you will come back for me. Just like what I did! I even convinced one of their staff at The Curve outlet to try it "my way". 
Localizing the spaghetti with Malaysian's best! Sambal Belacan & Chilli Sambal. Fuyuh....Ada Kick!
Here are their other varieties of pastas.

My favourite drink at Simply D is their hot honey lemon. It tastes sooooo good and warms up my tummy. 
 Price per cup is RM6.00 and you can just add more honey if you want it sweeter.

Simply D also serves awesome sandwiches and burgers too! Talk about choices!
This one is called the Ultimate Cheese Toastie with Turkey Bacon (RM16.50) and the cheese just melts in your mouth!

Simply D rewards its loyal customers with their very own loyalty card. 
Since being a loyal fan of Simply D, I was given a loyalty card that looks like this.
So with every RM10 spent, you will receive a stamp. When you reach the 6th stamp, you will receive an ice cream voucher like this. And after reaching the 12th chop, you will receive a free pasta of your choice.
I love their ice creams! 
Drooling already?
For more info on Simply D, check out their facebook page
and follow them on their instagram @simplydcafe

On top of Simply D's loyalty card, now you can even get much more with The Entertainer.
With The Entertainer, I can get more value from my meals at Simply D.
The Entertainer offers irresistible Buy 1 Free 1 deals. 
Now I can easily entertain and dine in with friends without hurting my wallet.
It's available in a book form and also in the app form.

Simply D's 3 outlets are located at The Curve, Nu Sentral and Avenue K Shopping Mall and is easily reflected in the app.

The Entertainer is full of exciting Buy 1, Get 1 Free offers not only for restaurants but also for these following categories like health and fitness, leisure activities and so much more.


The Entertainer Malaysia App is selling at RM145. 
To purchase through their website click here
You can also download it for free via The App Store or Google Play

For more information, check out 

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