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Monday, October 31, 2016

Garden Wedding at Tamarind Springs

This is the first time I have ever experienced a garden wedding. Heard so much about it. Seen so many beautiful pictures of a dream-like garden wedding photos from overseas on the internet. And now I get to feel and be part of one at Tamarind Springs.
Tamarind Springs in Ampang is certainly a tropical paradise filled with lush greenery, and mosquitos and monkeys....
You may wanna spray some mosquito repellent should you visit this place or wear covered shirts or pants. You don't want to get mosquito bites all over you. As I explored and walked around, I kena gigit cause I wasn't prepared. Now you know why....cause I was wearing a dress with little cloth. This beautifully tunnel-like arch by mother nature is one of my favourite spot.

 A Balinese inspired concept in a jungle-like atmosphere. I was here at 8am to attend a wedding. Not to dine. Here's a glimpse of the place. Do expect to walk a little and there will be steps to climb too. 

Lots of Balinese inspired statues are found all over the place. I feel like I am so out of my country. I felt like a Sang Pengembara here.
Not sure what are these round shaped cocoons hanging up on the tree. Possibly some form of art decorative pieces. Not sure if it serves a functional purpose. 

At the heart of Tamarind Springs is this mini pool. The deco here is in preparation of a garden-themed wedding.
The arch was specially designed by the groom and his friends. 
And the whole setting looks like this with all the invited guests, heng tai's , jee mui's, and most importantly the bride and groom all in place. Ain't this a beautiful sight!
Photo courtesy of Chea MI
The Beautiful Bride and equally stunning bridesmaids in matching bridesmaids outfits.
Photo courtesy of Peili Farm
Below: Photo courtesy of Shuhui Aw
 and not forgetting the heng tai's. A memorable group shot.

These lovely cupcakes and mouth watering macaroons were specially made by a friend of the bride and cleverly decorated to suit the whole garden theme wedding.
Good job in complimenting the whole environment.
The lovely lady behind these luscious cupcakes and macaroons.
Check out her social media platforms if you wanna order mouth watering and tailor made desserts like these.
Instagram: fc_dessert_bar
A shot of the lovely couple, Jeff and Nicole. 
Congratulations on your BIG DAY!
Thank you for letting me be a part of it!
 A moment during the tea ceremony. 

More shots of the place. I heard in separate parts of the Tamarind Spring houses different concept restaurants. I can't write about those restaurants yet cause I have not dined in any of them.

A blissful sanctuary that's so calm and peaceful.

The above is the entrance to Tamarind Spring. A little red door hut which I almost missed.

Tamarind Springs is located at Taman Tun Abdul Razak.
For details log on to their website

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