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Monday, September 5, 2016

My Birthday Celebration at Morganfield's and IPC

I am happy I have a group of childhood friends that stayed close to each other even after school days. Some of us have known each other since our primary and secondary school days and our friendship is tested through time. We still celebrate each other's birthdays and find time to catch up although some are busy with their families. I am forever grateful that we're still all meeting and updating each other on our lives. We may not be able to see each other as often as before and some with children coming into the picture, picking a gathering place that is not too over crowded and convenient for kids is a task. In the past we love hanging out at major shopping malls in PJ like 1 Utama. But now with children in the pciture, we prefer somewhere quieter with lesser crowds and child friendly.

This year, I chose to celebrate my birthday with my group of close friends at Morganfield's 

Let me share with you, dear readers, this awesome deal from Morganfields Malaysia which I feel is under-promoted. You will get 1 Year of free sponsored ribs (valued at about RM50 for half slab) x 12 months. You will indeed get back your returns. Untung already. But this deal comes with two criteria. 

In short, the two criterias to meet in order to get the free 1 year ribs are as follow:
1) You will have to throw a feast with at least RM500 spending 
2) and this applies only on your actual birthday or a day before of after your actual birthday (read the fine prints below). They will need your IC to verify.

At the end of the day you the Birthday girl or boy will be given a card like this.
So starting the month after your birthday month, the birthday boy or girl will be able to claim a half slab each month. Note that this card is not transferable and IC is needed for verification. Only the birthday boy or girl can claim. So what am I gonna do with 12x of ribs feast every month? I bring different friends to enjoy it with me!
Here's a hint for that extra savings. You can download the app called offpeak or simply surf to make your bookings in advance. You will get a 20% discount (depending on time and date). This helped me saved almost RM145.00 from this meal. If not, it's RM 729.60. I also met the minimum criteria of at least RM500 spending, hence I got my free ribs for a year! Yay!
More details on offpeak in their facebook page.
You can download the Offpeak app too and enjoy great savings. 
With my 20% offpeak discount (highlighted in yellow)

Here are some shots taken during my birthday party with my awesome group of friends.
Cute children celebrating my birthday with me. It's so fun to be surrounded by children.
Children running around and enjoying themselves

The platter that we shared. I tell you... It's HUGE!

Another huge platter.
It's great to catch up as everyone knows everyone. I combined two childhood group of friends and some have not met for quite some time.

Morganfields was generous enough to present me with this ice-cream waffle for my birthday.
Once this waffle ice cream arrived, I was surrounded by the children who couldn't resist the so called "birthday cake"

I also brought along two "THE ENTERTAINER" voucher books which was sponsored to me to share with my group of friends. Note the book on the table. Everyone was tearing out vouchers like crazy....The Entertainer voucher offers discounts for Buy 1 Free 1 at selected restaurants and spas. More details at their website

Sharing The Entertainer book. This was taken earlier at the Teh Tarik Place when we had breakfast earlier before Morganfields' lunch. See how happy everyone was with the voucher book.

Friends busy finding their preferred vouchers.
So we went out on my actual birthday and happens to be a Sunday. Just great! Everyone was able to meet up. I went on my rounds to claim some freebies valid only on my actual birthday date. I had drinks sponsored by Juiceworks and Boost Juice. That day we had so much juices minum sampai wanna .......(fill in the blanks here) 

Sharing my juices with my girlfriends.

Then we had a little bit of fun. As a contest freak, I tend to maximise everything. Planned this activity for my dear friends to take a photo for Wah Chan Photo contest. at Ikano Power Centre.
Later I helped each of them to enter. And guess what!!! Luck was on my side. Two of us (me and a gf won for week 2. At least my efforts are not wasted. 
OK! The contest is still on going. Join via the Wah Chan's Facebook link above.
Here are some crazy shots with props that we took.

My winning entry shot!
I felt I fully maximised my day! It was tiring but worth it! Thank you to all my friends who have made my day special. This will indeed be one memorable birthday. 

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