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Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Recently I was declared the GRAND PRIZE WINNER for the Month of March for this contest by Sunsilk. 

How did I manage to win it? 
Wanna know my secret?'s my secret to my winning.
All I had to do was post photos of themes given each week on My SUNSILK INVITE READY HAIR and write a slogan. The secret is to do it consistently. For the 3 months campaign, I think I submitted almost 80% of the themes. 

Friends who know the REAL me will know I how I love taking pictures on any occasions. Hence, I have photos ready for almost every category you could imagine. That little hobby and interest helped me a lot! For the continuous effort I put in, I was finally rewarded! YAY! *jumps for joy sky high. Thank you SUNSILK MALAYSIA and ZALORA for making me a winner!

My Prize? 
One year supply of dresses from ZALORA. Valued at RM1,200.00! Whhhhheeeeeeee! 
For the other months, the other Grand Prize winners won 1 year supply of Bags and 1 year supply of Shoes (separate winners). I am super happy with the category I won and I couldn't be happier to share my winnings with the one I love, MY MOM! 
We could literally share dresses now. *wink

After receiving the good news from Sunsilk and Zalora we started selecting our clothes from

We were spoilt for choice! I was super happy to learn that I could pick any clothes as long as it's written in the fine copy "Sold By Zalora" meaning I do not have to be confined to just Zalora brands but I was given a chance to choose from a variety of brands like MANGO, TOPSHOP, DOROTHY PERKINS, WALLIS, GEB. Zalora's website was easy to use. Having purchased items before at Zalora, using the website was a breeze. I was able to zoom in and narrow down my search based on certain criteria like price, sizes and clothes type (example dresses) and even by specific brands.

After 2 days of browsing (trust me there are a lot of choices!)
Mom and I finally settled on some of these shortlisted pieces.
Mom picked mostly from GEB. This flowery piece will look so good for CNY! OK! CNY tak payah beli baju already lah.

I picked mostly Wallis pieces because I was attracted to their flowery prints. Since the brands that we picked had outlets, I suggested to mom that we head over to the outlet level to try on the sizes and our selection. I was glad I did that because the clothes looked so good online but did not compliment my body shape and I feel rather old in this print.
Still at Wallis, I tried on a nice dress. Yeah! I love dresses!!! Somehow the cutting at Wallis does not compliment me well especially on my shoulders part.
After spending a good 20 mins at Wallis I have decided to drop the idea of owning a Wallis because although the prints were lovely, it doesn't compliment my body. We wasted no time and dashed to our next destination to try on the clothes. Next we went to Dorothy Perkins.
I was head over heels in love with this dress at Dorothy Perkins.

Tried it on. Loved it but the material was not stretchable. It was just ngam ngam. 
I forgo this piece too end of the day.

I moved on to try a few more pieces from Dorothy Perkins and here are some of my picks!
Love the sakura-like flowers. But this year's Dorothy Perkins summer collection is mostly filled with dark colours. Last year I bought a few pieces and I loved their cutting and cotton stretchable material. I have almost 4 pieces all from the-almost-the-same designs. Looks like I could not run away from these picks!
Mom said the bright blue prints looked good. I trust her.
The other pieces I tried on. Yup! I finally confirmed my orders with these few pieces.

Tried on these but did not get, How do I look? 
Which piece do you think suits me from all that you've seen here?

So now it's mom's turn. Let's take a look at some of the clothes she tried on.

Mom has this thing for pinafore. Maybe she wants to be reminded of her school days when we were all dressed in pinafore as uniforms. (hehehehe) 

I especially love this piece on her (below)
She also picked this. But the GEB outlet we went to does not have XXL. She tried on XXXL and it made her look sloppy. OK! Next!

She picked these online. Like I said it was great that we made time to go to the outlet level to try on the clothes. Not only in terms of size but you will also be able to see if the prints look good on you and the overall cutting of the dress.

It looks good on the leggy model but not so nice on mom. OUT! NEXT!

This one looks better!
Tried on this nice jeans collared one but too bad this design is not available on Zalora. Only selected designs are listed on Zalora. We loved this one but not in the website.
This was also not in the website. But mom tried it on anyway. Mom's gonna be jeans material overdose and pinafore overdose.

Besides GEB and Dorothy Perkins, I also picked out some ZALORA brands.
Overall it was a great online shopping experience and a great way to spend motherly and daughterly time together with mom picking and trying out the pieces at the store level with me. Thank you once again, Zalora and Sunsilk for the opportunity to shop till we drop!


  1. You're so lucky! Good for you! I really like the dresses you chose. =)

    1. Thank u dear....but I ended up mostly with Dorothy Perkins. Wanted to own a Wallis badly but cutting and dress type not suitable for me. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Hehe congrats! Again! Btw. I think the black dress looks pretty good on your Mom.

    The pinafore one, reminds me of another outfit you have.
    :D Thanks for sharing! Well researched!

  3. Congrats on winning grand prize! So lucky you get to try in outlet. Love floral prints and denim suits your mum perfectly