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Monday, August 1, 2016

My Hadyai Trip (Part 4) - Souvenirs

For sure another shop that I never miss out on my Thai trips is the Boots Pharmacy. I love to stalk their heavenly bath and body lotions, scrubs and bath wash. I love their innovative packaging and flowery and sometimes tropical scents. Gotta stop myself from buying more cause I still have my Bath & Bodyworks and Victoria Secrets....URGH......Look, see and admire only lor....

Spotted these. Another in-thing right now besides Snail skin care. 
It's now Horse Oil skincare!

At the pharmacy I usually like to explore products which we do not have here.
Have tried these when I first bought them in Singapore. From the looks of my stalks, you will know I am a bath and body person. I just can't get enough of bath items. Scrub-a-dub-dub...
Imagine me and my rubber duckie. I'm always clean.

OK! This one is highly recommended and it works wonders. This yellow box counter pain is priced at about RM30 is very effective for sakit sendi. And this is not available in Malaysia. So grab some while you're in Thailand. The White and red box is common and is priced half the price. I strongly recommend this product if you want effectiveness. I sometimes put it under my feet and wear socks to sleep.
Cute note books all handmade. Aren't they adorable?
These are key chain pouches and I am currently using one of them. Very good to keep your keys in place and it's easy to locate your keys especially when you carry a huge bag.
Being a dog lover, how could I resist this! Beli aje lah....Yup, it's a key chain holder.
Soap priced at about RM5 each. And it really smells like the fruit itself!
Was a bit disappointed that Naraya in Hadyai is soooo small. I was hunting for a pair of bedroom slippers and they don't even stock it here. Generally their bags are awesome and i have bought almost 10 in my last trip to Bangkok. The Koreans and Japanese are the ones that buy the most form their flagship stores in Bangkok. It is much cheaper to buy Naraya in Thailand compared to Isetan in Malaysia. It could be a whopping RM10-20 difference per bag. So now you know.....
Shop till you drop! Plenty of things to buy and see. Takut money tak cukup only.

More key chain holders, but in the form of knit. Super cute! Can't buy them all so take picture only lor.
More key chain holder designs. All are hand made.

Cute mini limited edition Vaseline lip balms spotted at Watsons Thailand but it doesn't come cheap! It's a super small tub.
All these were around the Lee Gardens Plaza area.
So much of activities at night here.
If you want to head to a supermarket to grab stuff, you can head to Central. On its second floor is the supermarket. Yeah! It's pretty uncommon for supermarkets to be housed on the second floor back in my home country. Be prepared to shop for snacks and other misc items there. You will be surprised what you can find! The other not to be missed supermarket is the BIG C but that's located elsewhere . It's something like our hypermarket here.

I bought myself a rainbow soap just for fun.

More details on where I stayed and places of interest next to the hotel coming up!

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