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Monday, August 1, 2016

My Hadyai Trip (Part 3) - Asean Night Bazaar and 7-Eleven

After strolling the Floating Market we adjourned to the Asean Night Bazaar with more shopping opportunities. Clothes, shoes and bags are aplenty here. 

This was the tuk-tuk we hired to ferry us around. On a average we paid only about 50 Baht per head. Behind can ngam ngam fit 6 people plus our haul.

The white top I admire again. Here I can get it at 220 Baht vs 280 Baht at the Floating Market Area. End up I did not buy cause I may not wear it due to the hot weather.
A cute pumpkin outfit for kids. Hmmm this may be great for Halloween.
Fish Skirt. How interesting. The material seems different and it's non-cloth like. Feels light and foamy. Don't know if I described it correctly. It's like an in-thing right now for flair skirts like these. Too bad my butt is too huge to be able to fit in these.  If not it would look so lovely. #Hugebutt. Suprisingly I did not buy anything from the Asean Night Bazaar market. Clothes were the last thing on my mind to get. I have plenty already!

                     On level one are the food stalls. This is the view taken from above.

 A variety of food is sold here, ranging from innovative sushis, fruits, fried items and more.

    Meanwhile downstairs at one of the alleys......

A whole stretch of beautifully aligned rainbow umbrellas caught my eyes while I was exploring around the area.

I spotted a mini playground next to the ASEAN Night Bazaar. I wanna be a kid again! I remembered playing something like this during my childhood days. Inflatable, bouncy playground.

The landscape around the area.
There was a 7-Eleven next to the ASEAN Night Bazaar which we raided next!
There seems to be lot of mini sized sachets sold here. I grabbed a few random skincare pieces, mostly snail aloevera and bee venom serums.
My haul.
It's great that they have these in convenient sachets so that you can try multiple types and brands without hurting your pocket. And it makes a good gift too! Wish we had these in our 7-Eleven. I always enjoy 7-Eleven in other countries because the products there are so interesting and with plenty of variety. 

 The frozen area looks so yummy! A variety of choices. Frozen burgers anyone? Don't worry, you're not gonna eat it cold. 7-Eleven provides free heating up for your frozen food. Wish we had more variety like these too back home.

I love stalking their packaging. 
Such beautiful and cute bottles, especially the kerokeroppi 
Friends grabbed these cute looking ice-creams in the form of Panda and Butterfly.
This butterfly one lagi cute. We can split it apart and share it with 2 person. 
Notice the two handle sticks?

What we looked forward most was this! Thai's version of Tokyo Banana. Priced at 19 Baht (about RM2) each and this is way cheaper than the real Tokyo Banana from Japan at almost RM5 a piece! Stocks are always sold out. We had to run from about 5-6 7-Elevens before getting enough to bring home as souvenirs.
All displayed in the bakery rack.

So if you have been to Thailand's 7-Eleven what are your favourite items? 
Do share with me in the comments below. 
Keep a look out for Part 4 cause that's where I will share with you more souvenir sightings that are innovative and interesting. Till then!


  1. so cute. how about stay..tidur whr

    1. That one coming right up dear! I stayed at VL Hadyai Hotel