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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Making my own Rainbow Highlighter

I first came in contact with these beautiful rainbow coloured cheek highlighter when I was reading an online article. Don't you think they look pretty?
Came across the first one from Bitter Lace Beauty sold on Etsy. And guess what! The waiting time for shipment is 9 months! also, after shipping it would cost me about RM150 just to get my hands on this one piece. Even Jeffree Star was raving about it!

Another article I came across was promoting the rainbow highlighter but with some arty genitalia-themed make up. Check out the article here 
This one is from Bitch Slap Cosmetics
These products certainly made me drool and I wanted one of my own.
After doing some research, I decided it's just too expensive to have it shipped to me from US plus the waiting time is a killer! I also found some (non-original) ones on Ali Express made in China which I'm not risking it on my face!

Hence, I decided to embark on a mini project to make my own after researching some DIY Rainbow highlighter tutorial video on you tube. 
You can google on you tube " how to make rainbow highlighter" 
Here's are some my shortlisted tutorial video

All my colours! Gotta go through and pick out the right colour combination.
I started off by mixing highlighter glitter powder to some of my favourite bold eye shadow colours like yellows, bright lime green, red, orange, blue, purple. All the colours I need for a rainbow. 

I mixed these powder form with rubbing alcohol (which I ordered from which is also known as Isopropyl Alcohol.
 I lined up the beautiful colours here.
Press it down and let it dry for 2 days.
Finally after two days, I am ready to test it out on my cheeks.
Voila! It's finally done.  Can you see the tinge of rainbow on my cheek?

I love playing with colours and hope with this dash of rainbow colours, it will brighten up not just my day but someone who spots it on my cheek.

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