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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Weprint- Instant Photo Printing

These days we usually carry our smartphones wherever we go and we end up taking good quality pictures with our phones. Sometimes we may want to convert our digital photos to hard copies. 

Introducing the WePrint MachineThe First in Malaysia, WePrint is an instant photo printing machine that prints photos directly from mobile phones via Wechat app. Pocket size photos can be printed in less than 1 minute, on various type of material such as photo paper, magnetic paper and even heat transfer onto phone cover and button badge.
WePrint allows you to print high quality photos taken with your smartphone.

You may have seen this machine at selected shopping malls, at roadshows or exhibitions. WePrint has been gaining popularity among exhibitions and roadshows to reach out in "engagement" with customers.

This can be a powerful marketing tool for businesses too. It can be a flexible and customisable marketing and entertainment tool for private/ corporate functions as a momento for guests. It is also open for rent. It doubles up as a crowd puller for events and you can even have advertisements customized to your target group. Advertisement fees can be collected from advertisers wanting some presence during the event once you rent the machine. Advertisers can use the machine to recruit followers, collect database, and engage with the followers more effectively through another popular social media platform – WeChat.

You can print your event's photos, branded with your campaign and logo with the branded photo template.

To see how WePrint works,visit Epica Hello Kitty Theme Property Fair @ Paradigm mall this weekend till 24th July 2016. Take some awesome pictures and have fun printing those shots with WePrint.

More details log on to

or call 019-323 1515 (Steven)


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