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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

My Hadyai Trip (Part 1) - My ETS Journey

I have heard so much about travelling via our local ETS (Electric Train Service) and jumped at the chance when my girlfriend Jackie invited me to travel on a makan and shopping trip to Hadyai with her and some friends via the ETS train. The train took us from KL Sentral all the way to Padang Besar. The whole journey took 6 hours. This was my first experience riding the ETS. It was clean and super comfortable. Chatting along the way we didn't even feel the 6 hours. The above green fields was a shot I took before approaching Padang Besar somewhere around Sungai Petani.I reached Padang Besar by 12noon. The train makes a quick stop to pick up/ drop off passengers along the way. It is very on time!
You can purchase the ETS train tickets from KL Sentral at Level 1 or via online. It is best to buy early to secure your seats. According to the KTMB personnel, tickets are open a month ahead. Priced at RM82 for one way.

The ETS is brightly lit and has ample luggage space. It is very organized. 
You can even place your luggage at a corner (with proper luggage space) if you don't want to place it up on the compartments. But you have to be quick to "chup" the space.
There is a small canteen that sells basic food such as Mee Siam, Sandwiches and Nasi Lemak and hot drinks like coffee and milo. A set of Nasi Lemak/ Mee Siam with a hot drink costs RM9.

Food Price list
Our first photo on our train ride.

So once we reached Padang Besar, we hired a van to take us to the Thai border and there, after having our passport stamped, the van took us into Hadyai town. We paid RM150 for the van service for a total of 6 pax. Some may ask for RM180. Negotiate with them!
Finally, here's the Hadyai Town! It's pretty quiet and not so crowded with tourists. Maybe because it's not the school holidays. I am not complaining.

Dozens of stalls stretches across the road selling fruits and fresh vegetables.
We hired a tuk tuk to ferry us around to our destinations. Wanna know where we visited? Stay tuned for Part 2.


  1. nice, how much is the ETS ticket one way/both way?

  2. RM82 for one way...Opps! Forgot to include in my blog. Thanks. Updated ady

  3. Hi.
    I will be traveling with friend to hadyai on august I want know from padang besar train station get down then needed to go malaysia immigration after that do I get passport stamp at the station or do I needed to go other place, and how far is the thai immigration, can I get a mini van from padang besar malaysia side to hatyai or do I need to drop down to thai land boarder to get the minivan... which is more easy..