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Monday, July 4, 2016

Family Portrait made possible by and Andy Lim

If you're my facebook friend, you may have seen some of my awesome family shots that I shared recently. Here is one of my favourite shot with my siblings. This photoshoot came timely and I was truly blessed to be able to do this shoot in conjunction with the arrival of my siblings back from overseas which I do not get to see often. Plus getting a new family portrait was one of the things in my mind when all my family members are back here together. Our last portrait was shot in the studio and it was like more than 5 years ago.
We needed a fresh new family portrait and I was on top of the world when I was declared a winner for a Father's Day Contest ran by
Special thanks to Andy Lim of  who sponsored this package.

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Now back to my photoshoot experience with Andy.
Andy is a very experienced photographer and he came with equipment like this! Fuyuh! So canggih! Sampai so bergaya dan banyak action taking our picture. 

 My brother's actual shot came out like this. Wah! So lengchai like a Korean Superstar!
Andy is a perfectionist and gave us tips on how to pose and directing us to areas with not too harsh sunlight for that picture perfect shot!
Mom super model for the day striking the right pose. It was a remarkable experience for both my parents. Although the shoot was only an hour, my parents felt it was like half a day's work! For me and my siblings, we enjoyed every moment of it and we posed with whatever that came into our mind. The actual shots taken by Andy came out looking as though it was taken in autumn while the above pic (mom berposing) was taken with my Iphone 6 camera with tons of lush greenery. I love the overall mood of these pictures.

This is one of my favourite solo shot.

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