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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Latin American Festival 2016

 It's a great Sunday morning and I decided to wake up early and head down to BB Plaza at Bukit Bintang to spend a few hours at the Latin American Festival.
This is my first visit to this festival after noticing some of my expat friends who were also planning on a trip there. So I decided to check it out too! I reached there at 11am. Not may people were there yet. The crowd only started building up by noon and it was quite a sizable crowd. The next time you plan to go, remember this! GO EARLY!
Here's the scene at 11am as I walked in.  Some of the booths were still preparing their signature food which I was looking forward to try.

Jalan-Jalan saw some Bernama reporters doing an interview.
 The stage is set with musicians getting ready for their performance.
 The launch event on stage.
 Nice airy place for people to makan.

The crowd by 12pm
The crowd by 1pm
Yesss, I skipped breakfast and left plenty of space in my tummy to try out some of the Latin American food. I was not disappointed. But my wallet was running dry fast as the food is not cheap. Numerous booth from various Latin American countries like Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Columbia, Ecuador were seen at the scene offering different delicacies for visitors to try. 
But it comes with a price of course!
As I was early, not much of the food from other stalls were ready yet. This was one of the first few items that was ready as I walked past the Argentina Booth. It's called the Argentina Empanadas or what they call the Argentinean Traditional Pies. It comes in various fillings like Beef, Corn and Onion and Cheese. I bouth a beef pie to try. Ok! RM5 gone. But it was a good experience. I do not need to go to Argentina to eat this. Hahaaha!

OK! Let's see what else is in the Argentina Booth.
Spotted next are these Argentina Alfajores which is a traditional cookie filled with milk caramel spread. Nope I did not buy this to try. Gotta be selective as I don't wanna damage my wallet. The other day I was just talking to one of my expat friends and he told me to expect spending RM150 to RM200 on food and drinks. I thought he was crazy. I challenged him and said I should settle my empty stomach with RM20 - RM30. I was so wrong!  Yes, things can be quite expensive here. 

 Here's a look at some of the food variety.

 These are the fillings for Quesadilla. The left side is chicken and the right is beef I bought mine with a special request to test out these two fillings. They were kind enough to give me half a filling of chicken and half a filling of beef. 

These three platters on the table already cost me about RM30 and this is not inclusive of drinks! Oh well! there is a price to pay in exchange for this wonderful experience plus it's all for charity. Why not? The above picture is a Quesadilla, a type of Mexican food.
 Quench your thirst with drinks for sale. There were a lot of interesting drinks sighted.

 Some drinks I noticed contains rum and is clearly stated as non-halal. Sorry did not take picture of the other drinks.

Some of the interesting souvenirs sold there

 All handmade with love.

Here's a quick look at some of the booths

 As my dad loves coffee, I bought 7 packs of these imported coffee from Ecuador from this friendly man. It cost me RM2 per pack. I even got a free lighter for buying so many from him.

Cigars from Cuba for sale

The people

Beautiful ladies attending to the charity booth. Donate RM20 and stand a chance to win some amazing prizes like a tablet, phones and watches in the lucky draw. Tried my luck too! Hope to win something! Fingers and toes crossed. The best part is I don't have to stay the whole day at the festival. If I get lucky, they will call me.

 One of the most beautiful lady at the scene. She is from Columbia.

Games people play.
 Before heading off I tried my luck at shooting some balls. Managed to score 2/3 only. 
 It was truly an eye opener and a remarkable experience. Quick! Make your way there. Only two hours to go. The festival is happening one day only which is today, 22nd May 2016 and it ends by 7pm.
Looking forward for next year's festival already.

For more info log on to Latin Amefrican Festival 



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