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Friday, May 6, 2016

Jom Taxi

You can't imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon this new JOM TAXI app. 

Yes, they are a new player in town. I decided to give them a try yesterday. I tried out their pre-book taxi service by calling their customer service number at 03-2770 2833.

To ensure I have a cab waiting for me at a pre-determined time and place, I booked the cab a day in advance via JOM TAXI by calling up the customer service. It was for my meeting travels. 

The customer service at Jom Taxi was very fast and efficient as well in getting back to me on the arranged driver's name, car plate number and contact all within the same day I pre-book! They PM me the details via facebook private message.

And on the very day itself, one hour before my pick up time, the taxi driver called me to reconfirm my booking details. How efficient! I was also in for a treat! My ride was 50% off!
Jom Taxi ran a promotion from 3-7 May 2016 and there was a contest tagged to it too. And I was one of the winners (announced today) YAY!

 Thank you for delivering my Mother's Day goodies with a surprise Cake from Tedboy Bakery too! You're too kind!

No more worries. Just pre-book your taxis via Jom Taxi's App or call the customer service number at 03-2770 2833. One more day till the 50% promo ends. Go give it a try! You have nothing to loose.

You can download JOM TAXI via Google Play Store or the App Store.

For more info, log on to


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