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Monday, March 14, 2016

Sunway Pyramid: School's Out!

School's Out!
Hooray for school holidays!
Discover and explore at Sunway Pyramid this March's School Holidays!

Sunway Pyramid celebrates the March School Holidays through an adventure filled time with Discovery Channel’s Discovery Explorers!
Starting from 11 March till 20 Mac 2016, Sunway Pyramid brings you Discovery Explorers at the LG Blue Concourse. 

Families can expect a fun-filled time with four very different games and challenges. Not only are the games fun, they are educational too!
Aside from Discovery Channel’s Discovery Explorers, check out the other fun events in conjunction with the school holidays like Horlicks NutriQuest (10 – 13 March) and The Kinder Wonderland (18 – 20 March)!

Bring the entire family for a fun time of learning & adventure with these educational activities!

10-13 March: Horlicks NutriQuest @ Orange Concourse
11-20 March: Discovery Channel’s Discovery Explorers @ Blue Concourse
18-20 March: The Kinder Wonderland @ Orange Concourse

More pictures of the event here
 A whole new world of experience and igniting the child's curiosity.
Some interesting games for quality time with your children.

Digging for gold and get rewarded


With the hype of Virtual Reality these days, Sunway Pyramid is proud to let children and adults alike experience it with their very own eyes!

Kids and adults alike love the virtual reality experience.


It's fun and educational for the whole family.
Picture time!


Dressing up as a builder

Curious little minds at work

For a fun filled adventure, look no further. 
Come on over to LG Blue Concourse, Sunway Pyramid today!

Freebies, exciting activities and maximum fun awaits!

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