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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Al-Amar Lebanese Cuisine Sunway Putra

A unique cultural history has made Lebanese Food one of the most popular food of all Middle Eastern Cuisine. Lebanese food focusses on herbs, spices and fresh ingredients without using heavy sauces.

Today, I had the privilege to experience the exquisite taste of Lebanon Cuisine at the Al-Amar Restaurant at Sunway Putra Mall (just opposite PWTC) 

Now, let's take a look at their interior and dining ambience.
Stepping into the doors of Al-Amar, the ambience is a sight to behold. 
 Splendid interior greeted me and is fantastically furnished.
 The lamps here are simply one-of-a-kind, with Middle Eastern influence.
 Paintings that decked the walls of Al-Amar

 Shisha anyone?
 Mirrors shaped with an architectural kind of silhouette adds a touch of Middle Eastern influence in its design. 
 A Persian carpet hanging on the wall completes the look.
 As I walked deeper into the Al-Amar restaurant, I realized the restaurant actually has an outdoor dining area that is breezy.
 Beautifully shaped lamps fill the outdoor area.
Al-Amar serves traditional and authentic Lebanese Cuisine with a 5-star dining experience.
The International Chefs at Al-Amar uses only the finest ingredients including imported herbs and spices mixed with fresh meat and other ingredients for their masterpiece.

I was presented with a mouthwatering 5-course meal as follows and I will introduce to you one by one.

Mezze is a variety of flavourful hot and cold dishes served as appetizers before the main dish.
I kick start my meal with Hommos.
Hommos (RM17.55) is mashed chickpeas mixed with sesame seed paste and a dash of lemon juice, topped with olive oil. It is a dip or spread made from cooked mashed chickpeas that is very high in protein. I love the food presentation.
 Dip it with this special bread. The smooth and creamy texture of the Hommos greeted my taste buds with utmost pleasure. 

Warak Enab (RM18.45) or fondly known as  "yabbrah" or "dolmeh" is basically rice in vine or grape leaves that are stuffed with rice and spices and marinated in a lemon olive oil sauce. They are wrapped and cooked on a layer of vinegar on a light flame. 

It has a sourish taste that is appetizing (Great as a pembuka selera) Afterall it is served as a cold Mezza that kick starts your appetite before the main course.

It's quite interesting how one food type has so many names (depending in which Middle Eastern country you live in) 

Fattouch (فتوش) (RM22.95) is one of the well-known Middle Eastern salads. It comes in a refreshing mixture of tomato, cucumber, lettuce, radish, mint leaves and rockets served with Al-Amar's special sumac dressing. The top fried stuff are actually fried pieces of bread. Looks very interesting. This salad is a combination of mixed greens and other vegetables and is usually sourish in taste. I like this salad best as it's unlike any other salad I have tasted before.

Falafel (RM20.55) or Kufteh (in Farsi) is a deep fried ball made from fried beans and chickpea paste served with tahina sauce and condiments.Falafel is a famous traditional Middle Eastern food. This dish is entirely vegetarian. No meat at all.

Batata Harra (بطاطا حارة) (RM19.35) means spicy potatoes and is a Lebanese vegetable dish. This dish is one of my favourite due to its aromatic nature. This dis consist of fried potato cubes topped with chili powder, garlic, coriander and lemon. The spice used creates a simply amazing mouthwatering combination. 

And here comes the Main Course!!!

Mix Grill (RM62.90)

The mix grill is a platter consisting of one lahem mechwe skewer, one chich taouk skewer and two kafta skewers. The marinated meat is aromatic and exquisite in taste.

 Siyyediyeh (RM44.90) 

Also known as Fisherman's rice. This dish consist of a roasted grouper fish served with fragrant basmati rice cooked with fried onions and spices, served with Al-Amar's special sauce.

Kabbseh Rice (RM13.05) uses fragrant basmati rice mixed with tomato and spices.
Between these two rice, I prefer the Kabbseh Rice as it has a rich tomato taste to my liking.

And here comes the best part. Dessert Time!
We were presented with these tiny cubes or dessert called the Baklava.
Baklava (بقلاوه ) (RM12.15) is a sweet pastry dessert. It is usually garnished with ground nuts.
I find this dessert rather interesting but let me warn you.... It's super sweet. Hence, this pint size is good enough for a sweet tantalizing taste.

Fruit Platter (RM 21.15)
This platter consist of watermelon, kiwi, apples, grapes, dragon fruit and melon.

A big shout out to Mr. Nordin Abdullah, the Executive Director of Glenreagh for his kind invitation.

Blogger friends I met at the event.

 A group shot

 In conclusion, this was what we all had.

 A picture perfect moment with Al-Amar's Executive Chef, Chef Maroun.

Look no further for a 5-star dining experience, Lebanese style.

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