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Friday, January 1, 2016

DressFizGallery Fitting

Jalan Kuchai Lama is one of the best place in search for food and beautiful clothes. Boutiques were seen mushrooming around that area.
Today I'm going to take you on a tour at DressFizGallery
This giant poster greets me as I climb up the stairway to the First Floor.

Located on the First Floor of Jalan Kuchai Maju 8, at Kuchai Entrepreneur's Park, the boutique houses a good mix of clothes  for casual wear, office wear and evening wear.
Stepping in to the boutique, I was greeted with neatly arranged and hung clothes in an orderly manner. There is a good mix of styles to suit the needs of every woman.
Here comes my favourite selection. 
Perfect Stylish Gowns
Dinner and Prom Dresses!
Like a little girl, jumping in joy and excitement, I just want to try them all!

There are strong bold colours like reds and blues, but there are also gowns in pastel colours to suit every occasion. My favourite has always been the striking blue ones as it brings out my fair skin tones. Gowns are affordable in the range of RM2XX plus.

For those who love lace and some sheer peek-a-boo material, 
here are some selection at a glance. The materials are soft and uses good quality materials.

At the corner near the display window, there are some promotional items on sale. Some for as low as RM10 a piece! What a steal!
View from the display window. You can see Mr. DIY from across the street. 
How is that for a landmark?
And here I am running through some of the clothes on offer.
 So much to see and try on.
 A simple and elegant piece for any occasion.

And here comes the part where I try on some of the pieces.
This is one of my favourite as it is simple and presentable and the cutting suits me.

Flair skirt dresses. 
Can you believe it? This is actually a one-piece dress. 
All I have to do is just slip it in.

Some nice lace dresses paired with jeans material.
New stocks are replenished every two months.

And this is my favourite piece. I love dreamcatchers! 
Gonna be pairing this with a black pants and dreamcatcher earrings.
Wait for my #OOTD

Besides clothes, DressFizGallery also offers a range of earrings priced at RM29.90 each.
They also have hairbands, belts, bangles, necklaces to pair them with your clothes.

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