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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Mall Trolling & Review : Sunway Putra Mall

Last weekend was simply awesome. I came across this promotion by Sunway Putra Mall that made me embark on a trip there. They were rewarding Sunway Pals members and encouraged the use of their Sunway Pals mobile app. I just flash my newly downloaded mobile app and in return I was rewarded with RM30 worth of points and 2 TGV movie tickets. The mall also rewarded shoppers for the two day only event with fantastic prizes with a minimum purchase of RM50.
For those who do not know where the Sunway Putra Mall is, it is located just beside the STAR LRT at the PWTC stop. This used to be old Yaohan.
I must applaud the Sunway Group for planning such a comprehensive project. It is indeed very well planned. Visitors can access the mall easily with proper linked walkways without getting wet on a rainy day. 
The walkway stretches all the way to PWTC and is super convenient. Visitors is now shaded from the hot sun and rain. I am so thankful for this and this walkway system is also evident at Sunway Pyramid where the Sunway Group did a great job with proper planning on its retail shopping areas accommodating and prioritizing the comfort of the mall's visitors. This walkway and connectivity to the LRT reminded me of the Bangkok's BRT system.

Being a Mall Troll (that's what my boyfriend calls me) aka someone who loves to patronize the malls, allow me to take you on a journey on some great finds in the Sunway Putra Mall. Honestly this is my first visit to this mall. I am amazed by the way it's managed, its tenants and it has so much to offer.

It's the Christmas season, hence the mall is decked with tons of Christmas decorations.
I just love the way they decorated this. With strips of lights and sparkling stars.
Here's a gmilpse of the concourse from above.

The walkway is spacious and every floor is easily accessible and connected via escalators on all sides. Like I said before, this is a very well planned mall. And I'm beginning to love trolling this mall. I hung around from noon till 6pm, covering all inches of the mall.

Let's take a peek on some noteworthy tenants at this mall.
One of my favourite is KAISON that sells tons of affordable DIY and deco items at a steal!

For all your DIY needs, there's also Mr DIY. Don't be fooled by the front interface. It actually is quite a huge store with lots of stocks behind. Go step right in and take a stroll and you will be amazed on what you can find here. Prices are also at a steal.

For great gift ideas, there is also one of my personal favourite, S&J.
It's the season of giving. Find your suitable Christmas gift here. The choices are aplenty.
You won't regret coming here.

Hello Kitty fans will love this. All things Hello Kitty, but doesn't come cheap.

I first came across this clothing store DEES in Ipoh Parade and it's a must go place to get your gowns ladies. The gowns here are so affordable and I mean it! With less than RM100 you can practically get a prom dress! They also sell a lot of other apparels but gowns are great buys here. So ladies, check this place out.

Contemporary Furniture Pieces.

Further up on the top floor is this food haven. Tons of mini stalls around. Take your pick if you want to try all sorts of food variety here. Hint Hint: Fans of Boat Noodles listen up. 
They have an outlet here at this mall too! (sorry no photo)
This food court's centre of attraction is this beautifully lit up tree.

Nostalgic decorations. Yup, I grew up with some of these. But these are just for decorations. See no touch.

Do you know that Sunway Putra Mall houses a TGV?
Yup, all the way up (quite hidden actually) before you reach TGV, you will be greeted by these cute little Chipmunks and Minions. Photo Opportunity here.

Another interesting find at the Sunway Putra Mall is the Super Heroes Cafe by DC Comics.
This is the first of its kind in Malaysia.

Superhero Canned Drinks

And even bottled mineral water.

Some of the interesting food items here all dressed to the theme of the superhero. 
Batman Pizza anyone?
The cafe is pretty popular among the young and families with kids who desire to experience a sense of novelty.

Drinks are served in super hero themed mugs


Santa made an appearance here.

I had my fun selfie time with Santa.
Shoppers taking memorable shots with Santa.
Children were also seen having a ball of a time with free balloons and a clown appearance to entertain them. 
Lucky Draw in progress

Sunway Pals Loyalty Programme Booth

Sign up for SUNWAY PALS card here

Some of the mall's merchants where you can use your card's points to redeem 
(as good as cash) or collect points from.

After trolling the mall for half a day, my stomach was growling already.
My late lunch - waffles with ice cream at Swensen's

Get rewarded when you shop at Sunway managed malls.
More info on their loyalty programme here:


Have you visited the new Sunway Putra Mall yet? 
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  1. Interesting. Been a long time haven't been there. Perhaps a time to revisit this place during xmas.

  2. Hi, may I ask.. The nearest LRT station with this mall?

    Thanks before~ :D

  3. That looks an awesome place. I'm gonna try to visit it. I'm pretty sure me and my friends are going to love it. Check out the Shops in Circuit Makati, you'll love it too. Anyway, Thanks for sharing!