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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Levi's Ladies In Levi's Behind The Scenes

Levi's just launched a global brand campaign called #LiveInLevis featuring the talented grammy-winning artist, Alicia Keys. Levi's connects with customers via music as the brand believes that music represents self expression.
The Live In Levi's Global brand campaign is inspired by stories of consumers from various backgrounds and all walks of life. She could be a blogger, a thrillseeker, a yoga practitioner or an event organizer.
It is a celebration of real life - Live In Levi's Moments. 
It is an optimistic approach to authentic self expression.
In the local scene, the #LiveInLevis campaign is about
Real Stories. Real Women. Real Curves.
There's a Levi's for everyone.
Levi's new women denim collection features a range of styles for different body types.
Me in my Levi's OOTD
"The stretch is really comfortable"

To celebrate the release of The New Women's Denim Collection, Levi's Malaysia launched two contests to find Malaysian women who embodied the Live in Levi's spirit.

I was fortunate to be selected to be a part of the shoot where 
REAL WOMEN like myself (with REAL CURVES) are being part of the campaign.

I am pleased to share with you some behind the scenes in the making of #LadiesInLevisMy in my country, Malaysia.
Early morning prep work starts at 8am where the crew set up the floor and lighting equipments for the shoot.

Backstage, accessories were lined up.

The different types of jeans in all shades, colours and sizes were prepared for the shoot.
The extensive wardrobe for all the talents.

The Talents
Made some new friends at the shoot.
Friends, meet Ellita (in blue tudung) and Airin (in white tudung)

Charlotte Gan

Angelia Ooi

Amanda Saw

Let's start with the Make Up and Hairdo.

Make Up and Hair by Makeup Miracle team 
Make Up: @lauramerciermy

Talents getting ready for the shoot with hair and make up done backstage.

Here I am posing with my personal make up guru who did an amazing job creating my natural look.
And below my hair guru who made my hair look good for the shoot.
The team from Make Up Miracle
My final hair and make up done by the professionals at Make Up Miracle.

Let the shoot begin!
Here are some behind the scenes. Enjoy!

And voila! It came out nicely! These girls were like pro! Don't they look good!
An here's a shot of the production crew hard at work.

Who is next?
Waiting game. Waiting for their turn.

More shots
Shake that body

Let's form a STAR pose

And some shots that I am in. Yang lain semua tinggi lampai. I kena stand on a piece of board to make me look taller. LOL!

Feel's great to be the talent for the day! 
Spray Spray

Shake it baby! Rock that body.

Some backstage shots with Kenny of Make Up miracle and Charlotte 

Amanda, Charlotte and I

Here's a quick look at our group shot.
Can't wait to see the end results of the shoot.

The shoot results are out! 
It can be viewed here

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  1. nice photoshoot...congrats on ur winning dear!

  2. Had such great fun with you! My post is like a mini version. XD

    1. Read it dear. It was awesome! Thanks for linking to my blog. :) It was great knowing ya!

  3. You look very pretty here, anyway, congratulations for your winning ^^