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Monday, October 26, 2015

Halloween At Parkamaya

Zombies, Monsters and Vampires were seen hanging out at Parkamaya over the weekend.
Don't they look scary? They did scare me! And you know what, they were all kids beneath those  costumes.  Want me to unmask them? U will see their real faces in the coming photos.

They were all dressed up  to join in Parkamaya's Pumpkin Hunt. 
A smartphone and other goodies were up for grabs. I was one of them trying to win the phone! 

I won a necklace!
Here's a lovely lady I met, Angel Chooi. Doesn't she look gorgeous?

The kids unmasked (as promised)
Some of the guests at the Halloween Event.

                                               Below: Judges for the day!

     A fashion show by those who played dress up was held after the hunt and they were             required to walk down the run way in full character and impress the judges. 
               And here I am, being the first participant doing my zombie/vampire walk.

Pictures of other contestants and their Halloween attire and make up

Little Grim Reaper lurking around
                                            This kid spooked me up!

With my two favourite characters

Boo! Show me your claws and smile!

Congrats little one!
Congrats, Jacky for winning second place!
And this lady is so scary she deserves to win! She spooked us all out with her evil laughter.

Group shot! Well done guys! 
The Halloween display at Parkamaya
And my make up for the day! Vampire CP!

What's missing here are my fangs!

Some other random shots

Kudos to all participants who put in so much effort in dressing up!

One last scare! Yup! That was the necklace I won.
Special thanks to Mac Cosmetics for sponsoring my make up.
Read about how this gothic look was achieved here

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