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Friday, October 23, 2015


Can you believe it? The brand ELLE is already 70!

It was a night of fashion excellence!

This year will see ELLE celebrate its
platinum 70th Anniversary by daringly reinventing seven classic black dresses to

represent each decade it has spent at the forefront of the fashion world.

To celebrate its platinum 70th anniversary this year, ELLE Boutiques will be rolling out
reinventions of seven classic black dresses to represent each decade— from the roaring
40s to the 00s. Even with full-on ruffle skirts or kimono sleeves, there are ways to
accessorise and modernise the key look from each decade to be more fashionable


As the 40’s was all about celebration after the passing of a war, fashion was on the rise
again. Tamara names Schiaparelli—otherwise known as Chanel’s largest competitor—
as the most iconic designer from the era. Regardless, in this decade, a majority of
Parisian women did their own sewing. ELLE took the women’s liberation movement
seriously and actively encouraged women to both vote and work. To flash back to the
decade when ELLE was first founded in 1945, a unique dress that exudes femininity is
created. With a full-figured, gently ruffled skirt, and a flattering cut-out belt, it epitomises
the elegance of the 1940s. To modernise this look, Tamara suggests, “Mix this dress
with masculine shoes, such as derbies or moccasins.”
The fabulous 50’s are strongly influenced by the glamour of Christian Dior, according to
our artistic director. Tiny waists, bouncy skirts and a prissy attitude make up this
decade’s “New Look.” Creators gushed over silk, taffeta, embroidery, and beads;
however, this wasn't to everyone's taste. Still, ELLE’s Fifties dress flaunts a charming
knee-length, voluminous skirt, with kimono-style sleeves and an elegant knotted waist
belt that sets off the look. “Add a denim jacket to the ensemble,” Tamara says, to bring
that casual element to this lady-like look.
Synonymous with sartorial liberation, the 60’s saw a flood of miniskirts, trousers and
jeans on the streets. Designers mixed leather with tweed, created head-to-toe fur
outfits, and—more scandalous yet— designed tuxedos for women. “Givenchy
influenced the shapes and styles in this decade,” Tamara says. Looking very Twiggy, the
60’s LBD is all about a box-style shift dress, with bold, edgy lines and characteristic
detailing. For a pop of fun, the stylist recommends colour tights—an affordable, yet
playful accessory to really shift the dynamics.
The 70’s fashion is all about prints, being fresh and playful and mixing and matching. It’s
a revolution for women! Yves Saint Laurent was an influential style icon.” During this
period, designers were notoriously outspoken and brought an element of liberty to their
creations. A new sort of femininity emerged including fluid shapes and lines to reflect
this desire for change. That sentiment is reflected in ELLE’s flowing shirt dress.
Complete with a pussy-bow neck-tie, it toys with masculine and feminine attire with
panache. Skip going with the total look for this one though, Tamara advises. “Don’t pair
it with accessories from the same decade!”
Think of the 80’s and parties, disco and Madonna springs to mind. Playful spots and
stripes turned heads, whilst glitzy rhinestones screamed glam alongside loud plastic
accessories. New silhouettes appeared with nipped-in waists and pencil-skirts
overwhelmed by the mighty shoulder pad. Designers like Azzedine Alaia, famed for his
couture and shoes, was honoured by the Material Girl herself in the music video “Bad
Girl”, making him one of the biggest influencers of the decade. To embody this decade’s
black dress, sexiness and chicness comes in the form of zippers hugging curvy dresses.

Tamara’s way to make it fully 80’ yet also modern? Sneakers!
In comes the 90’s, when minimalist fashion was at its height. Tamara mentions Helmut
Lang, whose clothes spoke only of very sharp lines and careful cuts—it is practically
‘deconstructionist’. The decade also saw the use of third-millennium materials to create
asymmetric, sleek, and futuristic pieces. Simple, yet extremely elegant silhouettes in
high quality exude a true 90’s spirit. For this decade, ELLE has designed an
asymmetrical dress with a side slit at just the right place. Our fashion editor
recommends, “Wear your dress with a clutch.”
Last but not least, we see the 00’s bringing with it a wave of globalisation. Fashion
moved with a similar rapidity. We shopped online, not just in stores and the press wasn’t
the only authority that dispensed fashion advice anymore. Yet, ELLE remained as the
cutting edge of current trends and acted as a style guide. While everything, from fashion
shows, movie stars to models were studied, reworked, criticised, the female persona
was also cut up, broken up and reinvented. Tamara recalls fellow Frenchman Nicolas
Ghesquiere as one of the powerhouses of the decade and adds, “For this decade’s

dress, mix it with creepers.” To capture the 00’s, a painstakingly crafted dress is created.

 The crowd at the launch last night
 Local celebrities that graced the event: 
(Top) From left to right: 
Siti Saleha, Deborah Henry, Carmen Soo, Daphne Iking and Lynn Lim

(Below) Me posing with friends from the industry and Alice Tan (far right), the General Manager of Marketing, Sales & Operations of Alstyle International which manages famous brands like Elle, Okaidi, Obaibi, Promod, The Bold & Beautiful and Springfield
Futuristic semi-sphere- like devices to capture guests photos. Fuyuh! So canggih!
The emcee for the night was none other than the talented Nadia Heng who rocked the night with her total confidence!

Doesn't she look stunning in this white lace dress?

 Guests were all seated and ready for the fashion show!

Let the catwalk begin!

 Elle's 90's interpretation

 Feast your eyes on the catwalk fashion models parading in ELLE attire with matching Elle bags

 I'm drooling over this huge bag!


And here comes our local heroes. They were all styled by Mac Cosmetics to compliment their classy chic look from the different Eras.

First up is Deborah Henry showcasing Elle's interpretation of the style from the 40's. 
Mac Cosmetics' Make Up style from this era is Neutral face with winged liner and nude lips.
Even the hair is set that way to reflect the 40's!

Daphne Iking models in Elle's interpretation of the 50's with her hair set in a high bun. 
Mac Cosmetics' Make Up style from the 50's era is heavily lined lids and lashes along with a classic red lip. I must say she looks simply gorgeous! 

 Tracy Chung wears her hair in a bob in this classic piece that represents syle in the 60's. 
Mac Cosmetics' Make Up style in this Era is defined as sculpted bronze skin with defined cat wing liner.

Siti Saleha in Elle's interpretation of the 70's style in full hairdo and attire. 
Mac Cosmetics' Make Up style in this Era is sculpted golden skin with ocean blue eyes and neutral lips.

 Lynn Lim represents style of the 80's. Check out her bright coloured lipstick and wavy hair!
Mac Cosmetics' Make Up style in this Era is bejewelled shimmering eyes with peachy cheeks and fiery orange lips.
 Carmen Soo rocks in this 90's style. Simplistic is the key word.
Mac Cosmetics' Make Up style in this Era is portrayed in shadowy brown eyes with gel in brows and full brown lips.

And Sazzy Falak's 00's look that is simply out-of-this-world! It's so futuristic.
This era sees  Mac cosmetics doung Sazzy's make up with a flattering eyeliner in canary yellow and black with brightly rouged pink cheeks and candy pink lips.
 Nadia Heng interviewing the models to describe the style from the era they each represent.

Model's closing walk

 A toast to Elle's 70th Birthday!

The night ended with all the VIP's on stage doing a toast! 
Congratulations once again, Elle on turning 70! What a milestone this is!

Am loving my shot with the super friendly Nadia Heng

Remember the sphere-like device that capture pics of the guests I mentioned earlier in this blogpost?. Well here's my pic from the night!

About ELLE Fashion in Malaysia
ELLE has been in the forefront of fashion industry since 1945. ELLE Boutique is sold in
80 countries with over 20,000 point of sales worldwide. ELLE Boutique has a strong
brand presence and history in Malaysia with various product lines to encompass stylish
Parisians’ lifestyle. There are 2 main product universes, Woman and Man in Malaysia.
Within these two universes consist of many categories such as lady’s apparels,
handbags, luggage, lingerie, watches and eyewear with more than 300 points of sales
across the country.

About Tamara Taichman, Fashion Editor of ELLE magazine France and Artistic Advisor of ELLE

As an economics student Tamara Taichman had a very different career in mind
from the one she currently pursues. All that changed when a chance encounter
with a fashion editor led to a job offer.
“It made sense,” Tamara explains, “I love fashion, images, typography” Tamara
quickly earned a name for herself as a stylist and fashion editor, notably at ELLE
in France.
In 1987 Tamara begins her fashion story by working for the French Fashion
magazine ‘ELLE’ at the time she was only 20 but her notoriety in fashion grew
fast and soon she started collaborating with some major brands such as Chanel,
Christian Dior, GĂ©rard Darel or Vanessa Bruno.
In 2006 came another turning point for Tamara; during Paris Fashion week, she
decided to carry a bag that she herself designed. It was the Zelig tote bag, which
was to become the emblem of her brand, recognizable from its famous paperclip
fastening. In 2006, after the enormous success of the Zelig, Tamara and her
partner, Nicolas Berdugo, decided to start their own accessories brand, TILA
MARCH. Tamara acts as Art Director in charge of design and image.
Since 2011, she contributes to the ELLE collections as the Artistic Advisor for
Lagardere Active Enterprises. Her role and contribution are such as orientation of
all ELLE trend files; give introduction of trend files to product development and
marketing teams, input on brand pictures and fashion shooting for marketing
tools and advertising.
In 2011, Tamara is rewarded by ‘Elans de Mode’ which celebrates 10 French
brands for their Excellency.
The same year she is ranked by ‘Les Echos’ September 2011for being the 26 out
of 100 most influential people in the world of fashion.

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