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Friday, May 22, 2015

Tokyo Shopping : Souvenirs

Everyone love Souvenirs! 
Welcome to my dedicated blogpost on my collection of photograph during my travel in Japan while hunting for the right souvenirs.

When I travel to a country I love to photograph their souvenirs. I may not be able to buy them all! Keeping them in my photograph is a good enough memory of the item for me.
So here are some of the souvenir items on sale in Japan. From food, snacks to accessories, key chains, fridge magnets etc. Hope you'll find this post interesting.
Another post with tons of photos.

Note: 1000yen = about RM30
           100yen = about RM3 
So now you can do the math with the yen price indicated in some of the photos below to estimate how much each of these items costs.

First let me start of with green tea. For those in search of authentic green tea, Japan is definitely the place where you get fresh green tea. This will make a great souvenir item for those in love with Green tea. I bought a jar for 1500yen (RM45) that is packed full.
I filled the fresh green tea in one of the Japanese tea canister I bought. Ain't it lovely!

Green tea are also available in cute looking Japanese Doll cans like these which are quite commonly found.

 Tea Canister with Japanese Inspired Prints
A small container itself is about 750yen (RM 22.50)

Japan Snacks with interesting packaging design.

Drinks at 7 Eleven
 Interesting dessert. So much to choose from.
Cute drinks packaging
Mochi and their captivating packaging.


 Key chains and hanging accessories
This is by far my favourite souvenir. It has the Japanese Doll and Mt Fuji element. Behind it is a coin that looks like a 50yen (with a hole) which I think is a "peng on" charm

The below one I did not buy. Just nice to look at.
Look at the finishing and details
These key chains are priced at an average RM20 each (between 700 -800yen)

 My favourite is the ball of sakura flower on the far left.

 Fridge Magnets
 I noticed that different places offer different fridge magnet designs. 
So if you see a design you like, better buy it there and then for you may not stumble back with the same design elsewhere.
Here's a compilation of fridge magnet designs from various shops I visited.
My favourite is the Mt Fuji design (second row from left)

380yen it's about RM11.40 each

 Mesti u all sudah blur....cause there are so many designs and variety to choose from!

Japanese Design Plates

Designer plates at 2500yen (RM 75 for 6 pieces)
I wouln't want to risk buying these home. Nanti pecah semua.

Beautiful Glass with Sakura


 Japanese made umbrellas. 
1080yen each (about RM32.40 each)
What I love about Japanese umbrellas is that they are small, light weight and handy.
Can you believe me if I told you I bought 7 umbrellas?
Yes, I'm crazy over umbrellas. I never buy Malaysian made umbrellas anymore cause most of them are from China and never last. Once the wind blows, it flips to the other side.
My usual supply of umbrellas come from Singapore where the quality of umbrellas are better. Japanese umbrellas sold here (found some in curve) are priced around RM40-RM50 depending on designs. So you can imagine I stocked up on umbrellas.
 Some of the designs clearly spelt out. I bought the first design with Mt Fuji.

A tube of wasabi comes in handy at home. Bought one to try. Could be much nicer since it's from Japan. Makes a great souvenir too.

Images of Mt Fuji on all seasons, sunrise, sunset....all so beautiful.

Saw these being sold at Takashimaya, Singapore once. But not cheap.
Cloth or handkerchiefs with Japanese inspired prints.
Bringing home a piece of Japan with these interesting prints.
Bought the top pink one.
 More designs to choose from.
I love these below too.

 All these prints look so awesome! I want it all! Priced at 540 yen (RM16.20)

 Below: Cotton Towel priced at 865 yen (RM26) each

Porcelain cat Maneki-neko figurines
3300yen (RM 99 each)

 1620 yen (RM48.60) these are simly one of a kind earrings made to look like origami.

Nail set

An average Kimono (Yukata type) will cost between RM150 -RM200 in Japan which is a steal. Upon scouting around Malaysia, I find the price of Kimonos sold there is about RM 250 - RM 400. It's cheaper for me to buy in Japan of course.

 Brand new Kimonos in all colours and designs
  Some are sold as a set with shoes, obi belts.
 Additional parts are sold separately too.
 I bough this one (below). Malas wanna tie ribbon, so bought a fast track OBI.
 Found a place where they also sell old or used Kimonos at a cheaper price, near Ueno.
I really don't mind at all. 
Finally bought myself 2 new kimonos from this trip. I now have a total of 4 Kimonos in my collection. Friends usually ask when do I wear them. I wear them at Cosplays and Singing performances when I sing my Japanese songs or even singing competitions.
 Accessory Boxes
 Japanese Dolls
Comes in various shapes, sizes and designs.

Daruma Dolls

 Japanese Fan


 Other Accessories


Kit Kats of all sorts of flavour.
Here's my stash.
There are more flavours available but I could only find these after visiting about 5 stores.
More flavours here

Pictures of Kit Kats from my exploration of different shops.

Oreo: Japan Exclusive

 Character Accessories


 Sushi! (Not the food)
These are erasers
Sushi sweets and candies
 All things sushi = so Japanese!

Japanese prints on other items
Bough two of these. Awww. so cute. Could not resist. About 500 yen each (RM15)

 Saw these cute little pouches and bought a few.
So a little side tracked from the souvenirs....I saw this!
Japanese school girls paying up at the souvenir shop. Love their super cool uniform.

And here's my version of the Japanese School Girl Look
Hope you've enjoyed the Japan souvenir tour through my lenses.
Next blogpost will be the places of interest I visited.
Stay tuned!


  1. Wahh...the kimono is so so so..captivating!! I just really loves all of these, the sushi candy sure looks kawaii..the Japanese doll & etc..everything is nice! <3 I enjoyed this post so much!

  2. Thanks for the great photos and advice. Looks like I will have to buy a suitcase just for souvenirs when I go to Japan next year. :)

    1. Shop till u drop. But a bit expensive babe. :)

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