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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Miacare Meet & Greet Session

I recently attended the Miacare meet and greet session and discovered a few new wonderful products to share with you. Miacare introduced to us their Acne Patch -
an innovative product that helps combat acne.
The Miacare Acne Patch is a range of ultra-thin, stick-on pimple patch designed to effectively combat visible blemishes. Using a two-fold method, the patch heals the zit without scarring whilst concealing it. The range is suitable for all skin types and comes in three types if patches.

Miacare Acne Patches is available at Watsons, Guardian and Sasa.
Speaking at the event was Ms Joy Yang, the Head of Business unit form Taiwan.
   Look, the patch on my skin is almost invisible.
Here's some of the features and advantages of the Miacare Acne Patch

How to use it
A model showing how easy it is to use the Miacare Acne Patch
 Other innovative products
Other innovative products under Miacare includes the spot essence for acne defense and a concealer stick

Besides the above products, Miacare also introduced Miacare Confidence, the world's first silicone hydrogel colour circle contact lens in Malaysia. 
By leveraging on the innovative EautraSil Hydrophilic Silicone Techniology, the Miacare Confidence daily disposable contact lens has an oxygen transmissibility level of Dk/t 150 allowing 6 times more oxygen to pass through the lens to the cornea compared to other regular soft contact lens. This significantly enhances your eyes for all-day wear with comfort and ease.

Miacare Confidence is a daily disposable contact lens and comes in two colours- Confidence Black and Confidence Brown.

To request for a free sample of Miacare Silicone Hydrogel 1-Day contact lenses, click here

Speaking at the event was also Mr Darren Ho, a trained Optometrist who shared with us the advantages of choosing the right contact lenses

Another special guest in the house was Dr. Kartini Farah a well known dermatologist in Malaysia who shared some insights with us on the causes ad types of acne.

Before this I didn't even know there were so many types of acne scars.

I didn't even know we could still get pimples after age 40. 
Watch Dr. Kartini's video as she explains here

And here are some of the blogger friends that attended the event with me.

For more information, log on to:

Miacare is wholly owned by BenQ Group. 
The mission of Miacare is to resolve concerns effectively with professional, smart and special designed product, bringing confidence and joy into life, and bringing miracles to beauty.

Miacare provides skin care products and contact lens to brand users. All Miacare products are developed by Taiwan's R&D team with specialization in material science and healthcare knowledge and produced by certified ISO 13485 factory.

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