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Sunday, May 24, 2015

A Glimpse of Tokyo

The city of Tokyo, forever so advanced.
Here's a glimpse of Tokyo when I first arrived and a quick look at the way of life of the Japanese which forever amazes me.

It's all about vending machines. In almost every nook and corner you will see one.

Plus convenient stores are almost everywhere. You won't go thirsty.

One can just do away with a cashier with just ordering though food vending machines.

Don't have enough yen?
No worries. Exchange your USD here with Yen. This machine was sighted at Odaiba
Amboi!! So canggih!

Even Cigarettes have vending machines
Games and toys machines

 Macam Eiffel Tower
  Macam Manhattan Tower
Tokyo's very own KL Tower?
Statue of Liberty in Tokyo? This is at Odaiba.  
Odaiba is a man-made reclaim land (island)
Penang Bridge?
 A glimpse of the Tokyo city.
A cute car driving past

Bicycle Parking
The people on the streets.
 Huge crowd of pedestrians walking and crossing the wide streets of Shinjuku Area
 Funky style fashion. See the guy in blonde hair.
Cute Japanese girls distributing flyers. Love their outfits!
 Huge crossings at the Shibuya area. Once the light turns for pedestrian to walk, it's human invasion!
Men seen at the stations wearing monotonous blacks, whites and greys

 The forever crowded streets

 Look! There's Uniqlo. So huge!

 The busy streets of Shinjuku

 Bright neon signages screaming for attention and trying to outdo one another!
 Most of these shots were taken around Shinjuku area where I stayed

 Random street shots with bright lights and tons of people!

 The crowd builds up later into the night and it's like the city never sleeps.

Feeling naughty? Ladies watch your men!

 A shot with a local lovely Japanese lady who was willing to strike a pose with me.
The Japanese were all super friendly and courteous.
 A shot with random Japanese men who were so friendly at the streets of Shinjuku.

Japan's way of life is just amazing. I am after all a city girl. 
I love the shopping haven and bright lights!

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