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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Movies To Look Forward To (April - June 2015)

Cinema Goers will be in for some sweet treats in 2015 with these movie offerings.
Here are my top picks for movies from April - June 2015.

1) Marvel's The Avengers 2 : Age of Ultron

Keep a look out. This will be out by 30th April 2015. I am so gonna watch this! Never miss any of it!

2) Pitch Perfect 2

Especially for those who love M.U.S.I.C and some humour. This one's for you!

3) San Andreas

This is one great action and adventure movie if you love thrills!

4) Jurassic World

 This sci-fi terror adventure will set your heartbeat pumping. 
 Catch it at cinemas 11th June 2015 onwards

5) Insidious Chapter 3

Be warned! This is a horror movie.

6) Inside Out (A Disney PIXAR Movie)

I am so looking forward for this! It's such a cute and funny animation. It's like what's going on inside our heads. I'm sure it will be fun for kids to watch it too :)

7) Minions

Everybody loves a good laugh with the Minions. The Minions fever is back soon. We just can't get enough of them. Minions and Inside Out will rule the cinemas from 18th June 2015.

Stay tuned for my top movie  picks for second half of the year.
Coming soon!

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