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Sunday, March 15, 2015

RING! It's Time For Taiwan

I wanna go to Taiwan!
I wanna go to Taiwan!
I wanna go to Taiwan!


Because it's such a beautiful country and Taiwan has so much to offer. 
Taiwan, a country filled with plenty of wonders, pleasures and treasures.
It's a paradise for food, shopping, relaxation. 

The Taiwan map is shaped like a sweet potato.
The island has more than 23 million people and is one of the most densely populated places in the world!

Be awed by its natural landscape and beautiful nature. It's just amazing.
Before I move in to my shopping escapades in Taiwan, let me serenade and share with you Taiwan's breathtaking sceneries that captured my heart and made me wanna go back!
Check out these photos of Yehliu from my last Taiwan Trip.

You can see plenty of unique formation of rocks called the mushroom rocks here. 
This is one of my favourite and most momorable spots in Taiwan.
It's simply breathtaking.

These were unique textures on the floor. Holes filled with water. What a unique sight!

Look at the beautiful and unique rock formation. These rocks were given imaginative names. Now you know why....Imagine...what these rock look like.

This rock formation below is one of the most famous of them all, called the Queen's Head.
It's my favourite. It really does stretch one's imagination.
Inspired by my last trip there, I wish to revisit Taiwan again.
One can never get bored and this is a country so rich in beautiful landscape.

It's time to enjoy life in Taiwan (again)
The wind was super strong and my hair was in a mess. 
Netherless, I enjoyed the cool breeze.
CP buat lawak pontianak.

The Beauty of Taiwan in full bloom

Take time to admire the beauty of Taiwan all around. 
See and appreciate the little things around you. 
Take time to smell the flowers. 
These were some of the amazing blooms that caught my attention. 

There are plenty of street food snacks all around Taiwan which offers interesting food. 
Here's a glimpse of some of the street food and snacks in Taiwan.
 I found these at Shilin Night Market.

Everything also I wanna try. 

From stir oyster omelets to stir fried cuttle fish and stinky tofu, my little food adventure in Taiwan began.
Besides the street food that must be consumed there, you can also buy these to bring back a piece of Taiwan. Here's their famous Mochi and Pineapple tarts. 

Shop Till You Drop in Taiwan.
So here comes my favourite part. Shopping time!
Behold on some of the unique items that caught my eyes which I think were pretty intersting. Here' are some of my top picks for interesting items in Taiwan and great places to shop!

Cute shaped umbrellas which I felt was so Taiwan. Have not come across anything like this before from my other travels. The coned shaped umbrella is good for one and offers quite a good coverage from the rain. Bought myself one without hesitation.
Found these at the Shilin Night Market

Pei Pa (bought mine at Jiu Fen), a famous tourist attraction, a village by the hills.
A bottle of Pei Pa costs me about RM50. 
This is a must buy as it's a great remedy for cough and soothes the throat.

If you want to try something different, I dare you to try out these Asparagus Juice. 
So if you feel that you're not eating enough greens, have drink your greens. It's easily available at the 7 Eleven.

Taiwan T-Shirt Designs
One can never go wrong with T-shirts to show that you've been there.

Another must try are the bitter gourd juice which is one of a kind. These are special and unlike the usual bitter gourd you find back home. It's a great way to detox. It's not that bitter. Go try it for yourself. I miss this juice!
Also try the Papaya Milk Juice  which is also one of Taiwan's famous drinks.
Remember to drink more juices to stay hydrated!

I went huting for unique flavoured snacks at 7 Eleven and look what I found!

 Interesting packaging of milk drinks sighted. I am a sucker for unique packaging. Must try their milk tea.
Taiwan has a lot of these small stalls which offers interesting drinks to quench your thirst

These helmets caught my eye. They are simply one of a kind!
 It's only about RM20 each. But based on Malaysian law these cannot be worn back in our streets. Love everyone of them.
Check out the strawberry and watermelon ones.
Plenty of accessories
 Bling it on handphone covers. Covers shouting for attention.
 Some of the shoe designs in Taiwan. They are so trendy and affordable.

My favourite shopping haunt is Ximending
It has everything! This is a must go place in Taiwan. 
 Overall I had such a great time and told myself I will be back, Taiwan!

Taipei IOI - Taiwan's famous landmark stand majestically tall.
 One of the signature buildings in Taiwan. Amazing architecture.

Now you know why I want to go back and revisit Taiwan.
 I just can't get enough of this beautiful island.
There's just so many this to do, to see, eat and enjoy.
The beauty of Taiwan, captured my heart!

Well, dear readers, hope you've enjoyed reading my Taiwan blogpost.
Just to share with you,here's one of my favourite shot by the sea.
A quiet time to reflect surrounded by the sounds of the calm sea. 
A moment to remember in Taiwan.

I love Taiwan

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