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Friday, March 20, 2015

RICOH and MakerBot 3D Contest

Ever heard of 3D printing?
 This revolutionary technology is set to make changes and life improvements to mankind.
Printing is never the same again once you set your eyes on 3D printing.
Ricoh brand is synonymous with innovation and cutting edge technology and is continuously moving forward with new ideas and is always finding new ways in improving lives. 
Ricoh believes in the creative potential of individuals and organizations with emphasis on forward thinking and positive results. Hence the birth of the Imagine 3D Contest.
Partnering together with MakerBot, Ricoh and MakerBot aspires to bring printing to a whole new level with brand new cutting-edge 3D printing technology poised to provide the resources and best solutions to compliment the growth of many industries.

Samples of 3D printing in relevant industries below:




 Or as a Simple Hobby

The contest ran from 7th Jan 2015 - 8th March 2015.
and took both individuals and corporates alike on a journey fuelled by creativity and innovation, with a theme, 'Imagine Functionality : the Perfect Office Aid'. 
The objective is to imagine an idylic office aid designed to help enhance one's physical workspace - the idea is then brought to life with 3D printing.

Ricoh Malaysia and MakerBot's Imagine 3D Contest
The entries were overwhelming and there were some really outstanding creativity out there.

Mr. Peter Wee, Chief Operating Officer of Ricoh Malaysia said " this competition is able to provide an avenue to champion the power of imagination and creativity of local Malaysians"
 Ms Winnie Lim, Marketing Manager of Ricoh addressing the crowd
Mr Gan Yu Han, Marketing Director of iMakerZone. 
iMakerZone is a pioneer 3D printing company in Malaysia in 3D printing services, 3D design services, rapid prototyping and 3D printing workshops

Presenting, the MakerBot models that prints in 3D. 
It comes in 3 models for 3D printing in different sizes, small, medium and large.

This mini MakerBot Replicator Mini is priced at an affordable RM 4,999. 
Never before has 3D printing become so affordable.
Details of this modehere

The MakerBot Replicator (pic below) prints a larger build volume by 11% compared to the mini MakerBot replicator. Details of the model here

As the name suggests, this 3D printer model is for the super large prints.

Still curious how the 3D printer works? Check out this video:
Here I am amazed by the state of art MakerBot working up a live demo on a 3D print prototype.

A big congratulations to all those who made it to the top 10 for each category.
Drum rolls...and here are the winners for the Imagine 3D contest
The winner for the People's Choice 3D Design Award goes to Akademi Usahawan Mikro Sdn Bhd who a Pentax Camera

The winners of Corporate Category are:

1st Prize: Alwin Wong

 2nd prize: Fabian Khaw
3rd Prize: Wai Hoong

Click here to view the top 10 Corporate Category shortlisted 

The winners of Individual Category are:

1st Prize: Ew Chee Guan
2nd prize: Tan Kin Seng

3rd prize: Tan Yi Xuan
Click here to view the top 10 Individual Category shortlisted 

Proud moment of all the winners and their masterpiece

The beautiful Miss Ricoh with 3D printed accessories wrapped all around her.
Stunning accessories that makes a statement. Don't you think?

3D printing can do wonders. With 3D printing, you can now make anything you want.
It's not just about creating a 3D piece of accessory, a tool or a decorative object. 3D printing can also aid those with disability. For example, a dog with the aid of  3D printed leg prosthetics can now walk and even run without any disabilities.
It's just incredible.

And on the medical aspect, 3D printing can even print inner replacement body parts.
Read the full story here.

3D printing is set to revolutionize the world!

For more info, follow RICOH at RICOH's Official Facebook Page or their website

To explore the Ricoh e-store or for more information on the MakerBot 3D Replicator printers, visit:


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