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Monday, March 16, 2015

Miso (전통공연 미소)

I recently was invited to attend MISO, a traditional Korean dance and music performance. The show was adapted into a traditional dance drama and love story. It is a must see musical performance with spectacular dance moves and great plot.
I was lucky to catch it with special VIP tickets from Korea Tourism Organization (KTO)

Spectacular wardrobe designs and skilfull dancers mesmerised the crowd.

Awesome backdrop and colour display

Great acrobatic action!

The cast were all so professional and energetic
In the end, it was a great story well told.
 The cast taking a bow after a spectacular performance.
It was a wonderful show with light humour. Simply an unforgettable evening.
Special thanks to my friend, Vera who scored tickets from KTO and invited me.

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  1. Welcome! :D Glad you've enjoyed it! More upcoming ones!