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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Japan Calling

Can't wait to set my eyes on the sakura tress in full bloom this April or May in Japan.
Japan is always close to my heart. Am always amazed by their culture.
I can finally hear Japan calling! 
Will be planning to make a trip there this April or May 2015.
Will shower you with wonderful stories and pictures.
Keep your eyes glued to these pages on stories of my very first trip to Japan.
Konichiwa! Japan here I come!
Will be documenting my travels there.
So, stay tuned, my friends.
 Mt Fuji, here I come! Can't wait to see you.


  1. Wah! You are to watch cherry blossom? Envy you! Ada dapat tiket murah kah?plan utk ke mana?

    1. Tokyo aje. Travel dengan Poto Travel. Muslim Tour

  2. I'm going too!~ Share me your itinerary after you went.. :)

  3. niceee!!!! enjoy yourself!!!