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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Singapore's Hai Di Lao Hot Pot (Orchard Road)

Hello Happy New Year everyone! 
I'm starting off my first blogpost for 2015 with this fantastic place I visited while in Singapore last week. My brother introduced this steamboat place to us that according to him is always packed to the brim and waiting time can be like 2 hours just to get a table.
The tip is to get your number (leave your contact with them), walk around shopping till they call you. That way you won't be sitting and waiting for two hours doing nothing.

As you can see, these people are all not seated in the official dining table yet. These are just 'waiting" tables" where they get to savour endless cups of drinks and fruits.

Ladies will get to do up their manicures for free while waiting. How cool is that!
Beside this nail parlour there is also a special room with an assigned staff to "play" with the kids. Now that's what I call something special.
So here on our table are two different types of soup base. 
We chose the malat (left) and tomato (right)
The tomato soup base is appetizing. Malat is spicy.
A lady was assigned to help serve and assist us. 
I would say the customer service and staff attentiveness is just awesome.
I liked this prawn like texture meat. Also something very unique they offered.
This talented guy comes in a dances with the noodle, giving a remarkable performance before the noodles end up in the hot soup. Watch him in action here

Multiple choices of sauces and toppings to go with your food. 
They are very generous with these and refills are given almost immediately when it's close to empty. Good job!
    Create your own. Use your imagination to create your very own signature sauce.

The people at Hai Di Lao are also very generous with fruits and the fruits they offer are top grade fruits like super sweet cantaloupe and watermelons.

Hai Di Lao is located at 313 Somerset  at Orchard Road, Singapore.

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