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Friday, January 23, 2015

Review: Cafe Barbera, Bangsar

The next time you're at Bangsar Area (around Jalan Maarof/ Telawi) 
do swing by to Lorong Maarof because there is a hidden gem there!

Tucked away and standing tall is this classical looking building that serves up an appetite!
Cafe Barbera has so much to offer. 
Read on and you will find out the variety of Italian food  they serve.
I am simply captivated by its stand alone building that is also a perfect spot for photography, especially the romantic ones ;) wink. I can so imagine someone posing by this window.

Cafe Barbera By Day

Cafe Barbera By Night

During the night this place lights up to set the mood to romance the night away with your loved ones, complete with a heart warming meal. 
This restaurant is also a family-friendly restaurant.

The Right Ambience
Cosy Corner
The interior is classy and cosy.
Love the lights by the porch.Romantic eh?
There is even a private room for those who want some privacy.
 Cafe Barbera offers more than 20 types of coffee and I'm privileged to try out some the speciality coffee.
I first tried their Cappuccino Shakerato (RM12)
You've guessed it right! It's Cappuccino shake! 
Next I tried the Affogato (RM12) 
How can I say no to heavenly coffee with ice-cream. It tastes like paradise.
Overall there are many other types of coffee to choose from and the pricing are very reasonable given the fact that their coffee beans are imported from Brazil, Central America and Indonesia. 
Next I tried this very interesting looking coffee. I had the Napoli Coffee (RM13) which is espresso mixed with hazelnut syrup, chocolate sauce and chilled foam milk. 
The presentation looks interesting too. Ain't it a beauty?
Next I had the Cafe Latte (RM11) and Cappuccino Italiano (RM11) which looks almost the same. But in terms of taste the Latte is much lighter than the Cappucino Italiano. 
Loved the aromatic smell of the coffee. Very smooth indeed. 

Oh ...Oh...getting a little bit of coffee overdose soon. Let's move on to the yum yum food.

For food, I am simply amazed by the variety they offer. 
From appetisers and pastas to main courses and desserts. Cafe Barbera has it all.
I tried this special pizza with a combination of 2 flavours. 
Smoked Duck and Hawaian Seafood Pizza (RM33)
It's thin crusted pizza. The true Italian way.
Next I tried their special hand made pasta with a special sauce. 
This is the Tagliatelle Salmone con Gamberi Alla Griglia (RM32)
It's Salmon Fettuccine served with grilled prawns. 
Fancy name that I can't pronounce. 
The beef ribs portion was huge! So soft and tender it melts in my mouth.
This is the Costole Do Ordinamento Brasato Con Mostarda (RM45)
Basically it's Mustard BBQ Short Ribs
After the heavy stuff, I also tried their fresh and crispy croissant served with coffee caramel sauce (RM8). Such an interesting sauce. The sweet taste goes well with the croissant.
I also had some of their scones and I rate this 9/10. 
Not bad at all because it's not too dry and the outer crust is crunchy. Compine it with the jam and butter it's super yummy!
The scones set comes with a free brew coffee and it's a very cost effective set. 
Priced at only RM5.50. It's actually very filling.

For gifts, one can purchase one of these for RM50 for coffee lovers.
It comes with a free glass mug.
You must be thinking...ini ah moi makan dan minum kopi banyak banyak. 
No lah...kita share share and I get to try everything! Inilah kaki makan saya!
With mom and brother enjoying the delactable meal with me and they also shared their opinions with me.
And lastly sebagai pencuci mulut aka dessert, we tried these! 
The hot fondant served with cold vanila ice cream combined with a fruity taste of sliced orange and strawberry. Everything just compliments each other and goes very well in taste.
Food presentation pun best!
Here's a look at the coffee bar
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Gambar bersama buat kenangan sebelum berpisah.

Facebook: Cafe Barbera Malaysia
Instagram :

Cafe Barbera is located at 
18, Lorong Maarof, Bangsar Park,
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03- 2287 3628 

A brief history of the Barbera Coffee
Barbera coffee originated in Messina Italy, 1870. The founder, Domenico Barbera, is nicknamed the Magician for his extraordinary talent in creating great coffee taste and aroma. Upon his death, his son Antonio carried over the family’s legacy and continued to spread the business all over Sicily and Calabria.

The coffee can be found in more than 30 countries across five continents. The recipe is currently with the fifth (5th) generation member of the family, Dr. Enrico Barbera. He decided to internationalize his family’s coffee brand by starting the coffee chain across the globe.

The Concept

The unique concept of Café Barbera is based on an exceptional blend of coffee products, current food trends, and consumer demands for fresher, tastier, lighter and healthier fare. The Café Barbera concept has re-emerged as a leader in the hospitality industry, since it provides a venue to relax and savour fresh beverages and food items, efficient service, soft café seating and quite simply the best available coffee in the world.


  1. my first visits here, nice cafe you have been~ =D

    (A Growing Teenager Diary Malaysia)

  2. Do you like hearty Southern Italian food served in hugh portions? Do you like to eat untill you are stuffed and still have a ton of leftovers to take home? Do you like to eat where everything is delicious, fresh and well prepared? Do you like thick aromatic sauses on your spaghetti and other pastas and meats? Do you like a highly varied menu? Do you like a noisy, brightly lit family style Restaurants.