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Saturday, January 31, 2015

My First Cosplay Experience at CICAF 2015

Hello! I am super excited to share with you my very first Cosplay experience at CICAF organized by Sawachi Entertainment
I took loads of pictures at the event. Can't resist because there were so many wonderful and colourful characters. Loved the ones with the colourful wigs.
The cosplayers really put in a lot of effort in their costumes and I truly admire them.

I was playing dress up as Ai Enma (閻魔 あい) of Jigoku Shoujo or better known as Hellgirl.
May not look completely like her as my look was simplified and not enough props. 
I'm missing the blood red eyes, tiered long hair and eye enhancements in my make up.
Just made do with what I have.

So here you go, this is my interpretation of her.
What inspired me to dress this way. 
Well, I was suppose to sing this song, KARINUI for the anime singing competition but only found out about the competition 2 days before and there seems to be an overwhelming response. I went there by 12pm to register anyway but ended up not singing cause the registered contestants was like 30 already!!!!
This was my outfit to compliment the song.

But anyway, I was there also there to catchup with some friends.
Forat and Jasmine Minori. One is a powerful and well known singer in the anime world and the other is a handsome professional photographer. 
 I was lucky to be able to witness Jasmine Minori's performance and she set the stage on fire!  Forat on the other hand did a photoshoot for me in my costume. 
The below photo was taken by Forat. Thank you for the amazing work.

 Jasmine Minori Rocks!
Watch her in action here:

 Friends I met and new friends I made at the CICAF Event.
 Kenji, Fang Kai, Shaun Lopez, Yong Kang, Rin.

Yong Kang was getting into his character Narukami Yu
OMG! He looks exactly like the character. I'm impressed!
This was one of my favourite costume. It's a lot of hardwork putting this piece together.
Check out his wings. I think it's all DIY.
Check out the other colourful costumes I spotted at the event.  So pandai posing.

 Love the hair girls.
And I was just trying to "blend in"
 This guy with the cute peace pose is a cosplayer from Taiwan. And another version of  Narukami Yu spotted (in grey hair)
Cute couple or they look more like siblings.
 Loved her overall image and outfit! She reminds me of the lead actress in Brave.
 Damsel in distress posing with Death. I must salute this guy playing Death. He creepily sneaks up on you and is soul quietly drifts among the crowd not making a single sound. He certainly lifts up to his character.
 Love the cutesy pose above and Naruto was spotted among the cosplayers.
 Look at their amazing play of colours. Characters in any possible hair colour you can imagine. Thanks for posing for my camera.
 Another cosplayer in action. I'm not good in identifying who is representing what character.
 Recognize any of these characters?
 Love her extensive look.
 Cosplayers were also given a chance to show off their outfit on stage for a cosplay competition. This was my favourite. Such charisma and stage presence.

 Cleopatra Lookalike? 

More interesting costumes sighted. This one looks MJ inspired.

 One of the contestant for the singing competition taking centre stage.

 Forat usually shoot models in Cosplay gear. Now it's my turn to snap his picture.
 Bin Yun entertaining us with her high pitched vocals. She can really hit those high notes.
Here's her wonderful performance.

 Tangkap gambar sampai macam ini. Terrornya.
 Merchandise on sale
 Kenji supporting the local anime scene by buying some momentos.

Cute merchandise on sale.
 Unique looking notebooks
 Button badge of all sorts for anime fans.

Forgive me if I cannot identify who is who as I am not an official cosplayer and this is my first time stepping into a Cosplay Event. So much to see, so much to learn. 
The art of Cosplaying is never easy.  A Big salute to all who put in so much hardwork and effort to dress up for this CICAF event. It was truly an eye opener for me.
It was a fun event! Don't you think these Cosplayers look amazing!

Maybe next time I have to learn the detailed make up of Ai Enma with tutorials like this:

Wish me luck!

Till then, my friends. 
Hope you had a great time reading and enjoy all the pictures.


  1. It was a blast!! I wish I was there!! I hope u do enjoy it, cosplaying is fun rite!! <3

    1. It was an eye opener, Pinku No Sakura. Wish you were here to join in the fun too!

  2. Reminds me of cosplay in tokyo. Sangat kawaii

  3. Amazing post! I wish I had a chance to do this sort of thing when I was younger. Feel like I wouldn't be able to carry it off now!
    You looked great and fit right in, Choy Peng!