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Monday, January 5, 2015

Finally, An Iphone 6!

I could not believe my eyes when I was declared a winner of an Iphone 6 by Rosken 2 days before the end of the year. Felt like I was dreaming. (Gosok Mata in disbelief)

A Million thanks to Rosken for finally giving me a chance to upgrade my phone!
I have been using my Nokia Slide for the longest time.
 And it is slowly coming apart. 
Front screen ada line (ribbon gonna kaput soon)
Belakang cover super loose and kept falling out. No doubt I still love this phone very much.
Everyday I pray and hope my phone don't die on me. 

With more than 1,000 contacts in this phone, it is one of the things I treasure very much.
I'm not sure how my transition is going to be from a Symbian phone to a Smartphone.

Keeping my fingers crossed and hope I do not loose any contacts masa transferring. 

For those who are curious, I entered this contest that won me a brand new Iphone and I must thank Rosken for this. Below is my entry. 

The story behind this picture entry

This picture was taken a week before I saw the contest at a friend's house masa Christmas Exchange gift. Special thanks to Woon Ida for helping me take this winning photo.
Ida yang dapat this monopod for our Christmas Exchange gift.
I was also laughing luckily it's not me yang dapat sebab my handphone cannot support a monopod. Call me a dinosour!
CP the Dinosour

Out of the blue, I just thought of having some fun posing with my old Nokia handphone and the monopod, with the intention of making people laugh when I post this on my wall (just for fun). Didn't realize kena durian runtuh pulak. 

 I was casually searching for a picture of my old handphone when I teringat tangkap this gambar and hence submitted and entry. The rest was history.
I garnered 20 votes from friends. Thank you to those who have voted for me.
There were others with higher votes. I was thankful I won! This is my first Handphone win!

Thank you once again, Rosken for making my day!
Stand a chance to win the second handphone by joining here

Upload a photo of your handphone (or you with the handphone) and tell them why you deserve to win an Iphone 6 this Christmas.

The second winner will be annnounced by 14th Jan 2015. It's still not too late.

Good luck!

And here's a picture of me receiving my prize from 
Mr Matthew, the International Business Director.
I am very honoured indeed.
Not only that I was also given a chance to try out the Rosken's Range of products and Nature's Way Supplements. Thank you once again Rosken for making my day!
Also, congrats to Carrie Tang who won the second Iphone 6. Here's her entry.

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