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Friday, December 19, 2014


What an EXPLOSIVE Performance. 
What DYNAMITE of Rhythm 
They came, they danced, they conquered our hearts!

The Mamma Mia International Tour put up a great performance and I was lucky to be able to get tickets courtesy of Star Publications.  Also a big applause to Yvents for bringing in such a World Class Event.
Mom and I were already anticipating this show 2 months ago.
They performed at the KLCC Convention Centre and this was the stage set up.
It was a full house indeed.
 Sorry, I could not take pictures during the show. Hence these pictures were taken before the start of the show. The cast were all fantastic and they nailed every song flawlessly. I have a great respect for all of them. They danced and sang their hearts out.
All the ABBA songs brought back memories to me and my mom. A lady seated next to me was gleefully singing away and so was I!

I loved the fact that the plot of the story was very well matched with songs.
And the simple lyrics were so meaningful as it relates back to the scenes in this Musical.
They belted out great hits like Dancing Queen, Money, Money, Money, Honey Honey, Gimme Gimme, Gimme (A MAn after midnight), Winner Takes it All, Super Trouper, The Name of the Game, Take a Chance, S.O.S, Waterloo.

They re-arranged the songs and gave a splendid dramatic performance injecting singing with acting. Loved every bit of it. 
When they sang Money Money Money, it tells a story of how Donna wish she could marry a rich man but had to manage her "business" to pay the bills.

The performers were a talented lot with lots of humour. 
There were a lot of cat and mouse chasing on the set.
For those who are catching it this week, be prepared to get thrilled!

Mom and I at the show.
Lastly enjoy the show and don't be shy to sing along and have fun!

For your listening pleasure click here

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