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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Star Radio Group's Futuradio

Kenderaan Suria FM, Red FM dan 988 park kat luar bangunan Nexus pada pagi ini kerana Star Radio Group mengumumkan kerjasama dengan GFK, sebuah syarikat penyelidikan Jerman yang terkemuka untuk membentangkan radio ratings survey kepada pihak media, pihak pengiklan dan agensi pengiklanan. 

 Antara klien dan pihak media yang turut hadir.
Representative DJ's from its 4 language stations, Red FM, Suria FM, Capital FM and 988 with their opening speeches.
Star Radio Group's Chief Operating Officer, Kudsia Kahar  menyampaikan data hasil kajian penyelidikan Radio Audience Measurement (RAM) pada pagi ini.
 Wakil dari GFK turut menjelaskan teknik penyelidikan yang merangkumi teknik offline dan online, iaitu 80% terdiri daripada "door knock recruitment" dan 20% terdiri daripada online recruitment yang menggunakan GFK's e-diary untuk merekodkan pattern pendengaran radio selama seminggu. Setiap "wave" kajian mengambil masa 6 minggu di mana 6,000 individu yang berumur 10 tahun dan keatas diberi tugas merekodkan pattern pendengaran radio selama seminggu.

Hasil kajian
 Suria FM reaches out to 2 million listeners per week.
Manakala Radio Bahasa Cina 988 meraih 1.5million pendengar setiap minggu.
 Red FM has quadrupled its number of listeners to 406,000 tuning in per week.
Capital FM is Malaysia's first English radio station that targets Urban English speaking Female listeners. With presence in Penang and Klang Valley, Capital FM commands a total of 56,000 listeners per week.
After the figure presentation and insights, it's time I caught up with some old friends from the radio industry and get to know new ones.

The first DJ I took a selfie with was Jeremy Teo of Red FM. He is one of the perkiest DJ's I know and he has such a jovial personality. Speaking to him lights up my day and mood.
And here is my favourite Chinese Radio DJ, Sam Mak of 988 whom I spent most of my time catching up today. It has been a while since we last met.
 I love her charming voice, intelligent nature and humble grounds.
Reigniting our hug pose from those days. Gosh I really miss her. 

She introduced me to these 2 leng chai DJ's whom I have not personally met before.
Meet Anson (Right) And Jason (Left) of 988 FM Fame
A picture with these two gentlemen.

Met a new found friend, Edison who is a publisher of a property magazine.

And a shot with Terry of Red FM

The 988 DJ's Line Up, each introducing the segment they are in.

 Inilah gelagat penyampai radio DJ dari Suria FM 

And the most happening DJ's from Red FM. They are all so coooool!

The team from Capital FM with Non being the only guy in this female oriented station.
Truly the rose among the thorns ermmm I mean the thorn among the roses. (hahaha)

For more information on these radio stations, tune in and surf

More info on GFK can be found at:
GFK Website

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