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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Party in style with Lipice and Diana Danielle

A group of lucky ladies were invited to join the LipIce Party at Marmalade, Bangsar yesterday evening together with LipIce's  Brand Ambassador Diana Danielle. 
The registration table.

A bowl filled with all the LipIce Range was sighted at the registration table.
Do you know how many variants are there in total? Find out at the end of this post.

The invited guests were all given an up close and personal experience to hang out with the beautiful and stunning Diana Danielle. 
I invited my dear friend, Vera Soo to join in the fun with me.

                              Everyone here was eagerly waiting for her arrival.

Party deco and props were prepared for all things that we like. Selfie and Photo time!
What a way to treasure these memories.
Here I'm testing out with a pink hat to compliment my pink baju.
And a pink hairband bow with a balloon. Memang ada party feel.
Met Zyra, a new friend I made at the party and we were both sporting the same hairband.

And a new friend Syafiera
Here's a shot of Syafiera and her friends

Ladies, smile for the camera. Don't they look sweet?

 The kind people of LipIce also prepared some food for guests.
Thank you LipIce for filling up our tummies with these awesome makan-makan.

 Beautiful LipIce themed cupcakes to brighten up everyone's day.
There were also lots of goodies sighted. everyone was excited

The stage is set and we're ready to party!

 Beautiful blooming roses were seen at the event whereby guests can write special messages and greetings to our dear Diana. How thoughtful! Great job organizers.
 More selfie time before the starlet arrives.
Guests were clearly enjoying the whole event.
 And our emcees announcing the arrival of Diana Danielle!
Rounds of cheers filled the room where everyone gave her a warm welcome.
Diana Danielle is the perfect candidate to represent LipIce's as she reflect's the brand's vision. She is a natural beauty, fun, fashionable and trendy. I had the privilege to meet her for the very first time and I can tell you that she looks absolutely gorgeous in person.  
Not only is she beautiful, she stays humble all these while. 
Here she is seen addressing the crowd 
 She just looks stunning in every angle.
 Prize presentation to winners

 And here's our Grand Prize Winner!
 She came all prepared with an awesome speech. Way to go girl!

 It was a very well planned event with lots of activities.
We even celebrated Diana's be-early birthday. Check out how we gals had so much fun with her. Diana is so super sporting and I must say the organizers did a great job to set the mood for this event. A birthday cake was presented to Diana and the crowd sang her a Birthday song. Awww...that's so sweet she said.
Happy Birthday Diana!

Diana's Wishes to all!

Here are some of the unforgettable  moments I captured. Enjoy!

 And it's time to take a selfie!
 Diana,Reaching out her hand to capture the perfect selfie shot with all her fans.
 That's just so cute of her. I loved her immediately. She just so charming.
 Her Birthday cake is so lovely
 A very special moment with all her fans

Flowers with our messages were presented to her and she read out one of them. I can see that she was truly touched by the gesture.

Voila her Birthday cake! We all had a piece and it was heavenly.

                           More photo opportunity with her and her fans.

And here's my lipIce moment.

 Diana moved from table to table to speak with the guests. We all got to know her better.
 Activity Time!
The party ain't over yet. There was still so much in store for all the invited guests.
A game to test our knowledge on all the Variants and match it with the correct style.
 Next we were it's time to get crafty. In our groups, we had to come up with a design that reflects what is LipIce to us. Massive teamwork on display here. Vera volunteered to draw and I made hearts origami. Some helped to make a personal card with heartwarming messages and some helped glue and sprinkle some creativity to the masterpiece.
We all had so much fun.
And when the time is up, each group had to send a  representative to explain their idea and artwork of what LipIce is to them.
Vera was our group leader and she is so full of confidence explaining our concept. 
She really did a great job.
As quoted on her instagram postings @jotsdots she said 
" Thanks for all the support of votes from other groups and most of all the unity and teamwork. We had great fun designing and filling our Tree of Love. It grows with LipIce kisses, sweetlips of thoughts and happiness. Embrance the uniqueness of various lips and lipstylesped origami and even lipbalm sticks and of course a Happy Birthday card for everyone! Every day is your Birthday as long as you are Happy! So grow with Love, Be Smart and Nice. Grow with LipIce"
Very well said, Vera.

Here's a quick look at all the 4 group's design.
And guess what! Our group won!
Congrats girls!
Look at our happy faces!
Here's what we won! 
Lucky Draw Winners.
Diana selecting the winners
Yay! More lipIce goodies all thanks to the generous people at LipIce

Group Photo

and with the organizers 
For those who could not get enough of her, 
here's a  few more shots with the beautiful Diana.

I certainly had a blast in this event and learnt so much more about LipIce. 

There are 5 Variants under LipIce. They are:
* Sheer Colour
* Tinted
* Fruity
* Colour Gloss and
* Water Colour lip balms

For more information, like LipIce Malaysia Facebook Page

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