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Saturday, November 29, 2014

My Blue and Purple Manic Panic Hair Colours

Today I decided to test on the Manic Panic hair colours which I ordered with the help of 

The far left bottle is shipped from the US (ordered from Avantlamode)  while the right side is from Canada (my sis sent it to me). Hence the difference in packaging. Looking at the different packaging, I wrote in to Manic Panic months ago and Manic Panic has confirmed that the Canada Packaging is not a fake. Phew!
 I have been wanting blue and purple hair for the longest time. 
A month ago I bleached part my hair at a salon and did some ombre colours but it did not come out as I expected or rather it was below my expectations after paying a bomb for it!
Not giving up, I decide to wait for the colours to slowly fade out and time for me to work up the magic with Manic Panic. 
                       My colours were fading away already after a month plus.
                       You can see it's almost back to the original bleached colour-yellow
 Time to "paint" my hair and give it a facelift.  Feeling rather egg-cited, I felt like going back to art class in school. It's like painting a masterpiece.

The Results....
After leaving it on for about 2 hours, here's the result!
It has a mixture of blues and purples shade and i liked it!
 And for my hard to reach areas behind, I realized the blonde was still there.
Now I have a mixture of 4 tone colours on my hair. Really ombre.
For Asians hair bleaching is recommended before putting on Manic Panic. I have tried it on my non-bleached dark hair previously. It doesn't come out at all. 
Am glad it turned out nicely! Now experimenting on a few bleached strands. 
Maybe next time, the whole head! But have to bleach the whole head.

Hope you enjoyed reading my little DIY Manic Panic session at home.

For more info on Manic Panic, go to

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