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Thursday, November 6, 2014

An Oasis of Serenity

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city lies an Oasis of serenity. 
This is the Oasis Piazza @ Oasis Damansara
the latest dining and night life landmark in Ara Damansara.
The landscape here is just so heavenly. 
Check out some of my amazing photos here in this blogpost.

Filled with an array of food variety to satisfy your appetite.
Below are some restaurants found there.

Dine by the beautiful water feature.
The water is so inviting. B
ut unfortunately, it's not for swimming. Just wish I could dive right in!
Beautifully lit up especially towards dusk. That's the best time to take pictures.
Notice the photos above taken in brighter daylight vs towards the late evening. 
The effect is just amazing! So much colour play.
 A joyful splash of colours. My favourite shot!

An Oasis of scenic beauty .

Posing by the waterfront
Crabs, anyone? This place is always packed. 
Go there by 6.30pm if you want to grab a seat.
Ahhhh....Iove this Rakuzen concept
A Chinese Restaurant here.

Love the name.
More pics of the surroundings. Enjoy the view.

One of the nicest Old Town White Coffee Outlet and my favourite hang out.

Chow Time at Roulette

Posing with Ms Goo
Ain't this place a beautiful sight to behold?
I fell in love the very first time I stepped into it.
A great place to unwind with food, drinks and entertainment after a hard day's work.
Stress lifted off with the sight of this beautiful and stress free scenery.

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