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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Shopping Spree with Kotex

TRIED SHOPPING WITH RM 5,000 in 4 hours?

Well, I did just that over the weekend with my mom. 
All thanks to Kotex Malaysia for giving us this once in a lifetime opportunity to shop till we drop.My heart skipped a beat when we were declared as one of the Grand Prize winners for this contest, Kotex Serlahkan Keyakinan Sepanjang Masa ( 5th May– 30th June 2014)

I was notified to meet at Isetan KLCC on Saturday together with the other winners for a makeover session. Later only I learnt that it was a shopping spree worth RM5,000 per couple. Mom was certainly overjoyed and couldn't be happier.
A quick shot with Samantha, Orang Kuat Kotex.

 Round Table Briefing session before we "serbu" the whole of Isetan.
 Samantha Teh, the brand manager of Kotex explaining the latest product innovation. 
The generous people at Kimberly-Clark gave each winner a goodie bag full of Kotex to try.
 Aaron, our photographer for the day. Taking our gelagat masa shopping. 
He said, smile for the camera whenever he is around.

Thoughts were already flying around our heads on what to buy and what can we buy within just 4 hours with RM5,000 spending money per couple.

After the briefing session, we quickly spring into ACTION! 
After half an hour, my bag was still empty. I was just surveying and look-see first. I realized time was running out  and I quickly switch into shopping mode. Gotta act fast! Gotta think quick! Gotta do budgeting in my head.
Mom and I looking around the section.

Kamae, the founder of Simply K was like a personal shopper giving me tips and advise.
Simply K sponsored accessories worth RM 1,500.
Simply K is a collection of exquisite accessories that are thoughtfully hand-crafted with Swarovski Elements and is available at ISETAN KLCC & THE GARDENS.
Check out some of her awesome designs with Blings! Just my kind of thing!

OK! Back to our shopping escapade.....
First on my list was Fitflops. As mom’s pair was already wearing out, I suggested
We buy a pair each. These 2 pairs cost us close to RM768. 
While mom set eyes on two pair of pants, I quickly told her of my intentions to buy a Samsonite Luggage Bag. We found one at RM 990. 
And purple is my mom's favourite colour.
I wanted a lasting bagpack and I also chose a Samsonite bag in grey. 
This bag costs RM670 and comes with a two year warranty on zipper and stitching.
There were so  many colour options. 
Next, mom being a family first person, said she wanted to buy new pillows and bed sheets.
Next she called my dad to see what he wants. Dad said he wanted quality pants. And we bought him two pants at RM 450 each. 
Also bought him some nice looking T-Shirts from Hush Puppies and Reebok plus briefs.
While mom was busy shopping, I dashed off on my own and lari across all 3 floors to find the perfect gift for my colleague.

Check out all my bills. 
The system at Isetan was Pay first, Collect Later.
Mom and I officially finished our shopping at 7pm. Now the next part was the toughnest part.
After running around Isetan for 4 hours, our legs were so tired from all the shopping Netherless, the show must go on! We had to climb all 3 floors to go and collect our goods!

It was indeed a super fruitful day! Check out our group picture below before and after the shopping session.
Before, beg semua kosong.
After 4 hours, check out our bags! Sampai dua tangan pun tak cukup. 
Nasib baik I ada Samsonite Luggage Bag to put in all the barang-barang.

Back at home it's time to admire all the things that we bought. We still could not believe our eyes that we actually sapu all these in just 4 hours and maximizing our RM 5,000 spending money.Laying out all my blings!
 This is my favourite piece of Simple K.

Oh , these were some other items I bought too which was not featured earlier

 Rezeki memang melimpah pada bulan ini. Ribuan terima kasih yang tak terkata kepada KOTEX MALAYSIA yang merealisasikan suatu pengalaman yang amat menakjubkan  buat diri saya dan ibu tersayang.

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  1. oh woooow, lucky you! :D It's great that you went with your mom! My mum would have a fit if I announced that we can shop till we drop. RM5000 is a lot!

    1. Thanks Aisyah. Memang hectic betul! Lari ke sana sini choosing items.