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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Food Review: The New Formosa Restaurant in PJ SS2

Tantalize your tastebuds at the New Formosa Restaurant.
New Formosa is one of the oldest restaurant that stood the test of time. 
It was founded in 1980. They serve tasty Taiwanese food. 
In conjunction with their 35th Year Anniversary, New Formosa Restaurant rolled out a new menu set that is oh! so value for money, with a 20% discount. 
Tak payah headache sangat on calling individual ala carte dishes 
as they cleverly prepared these few sets with their famous recommendations 
to ease customers' ordering. 
This set is great for people celebrating their birthdays or simply hosting an office dinner.
We tried some of the items from this RM 238 set. 
Before moving into the food, let's take a look at the restaurant's ambience. 

The round table setting clearly indicates the importance and influence of Chinese Culture.
We love sitting around round tables. It promotes a well rounded sharing session.
 First, we were teased with these Handmade MuaChi, a famous Taiwanese Dessert.
We started off with tone of their signature dishes, the Feng Sha Chicken.
Once cut open, you can see the aromatic brown rice filling.
This is roasted chicken stuffed with 8 treasures. 
In between having these heavier meals, we were also served some 
very appetizing desserts.
Taiwanese Famous Lemon Aiyu Jelly in Sour Plum Juice. Simply appetizing.
With the little pearls, it gives it a bit more biting sensation 
We also had the Simmered Winter Melon Soup. I must applaud the food presentation here.
Open sesame! To a hearty warm soup that warms the tummy.
Ingredients in the Simmered Winter Melon Soup include: 
chicken cubes, mushroom, ginko and winter melon of course.
This is how the soup is served.

                                                        Steamed Fish Sichuan Style.
                                 Served with crispy bread, this sauce serves as a perfect dip.
                                         The sauce is simply amazing and so flavourful!

Fried Mushrooms and Shell Meat (lala) with fried fritters.
It's all about mushrooms. Mushrooms addict will certainly love this tasty dish.
This is a highly recommended dish.
                                              Taiwan Famous Crab Brown Rice. 
                            The brown rice here is oozing and bursting with flavours!
        Pair the crab with these specially made ginger and vinegar sauce, it's just heaven!

Jeanie, the owner and I posing with the famous crab brown rice dish
The crab's claw is as big as my fist! And of course very meaty too.
The huge claws got me a little bit egg-cited. Here I am posing with 2 gigantic claws. PEACE!
Moving on, we tried this dish which became my favourite too.
Stuffed Lotus Roots with Special Fish Paste.
The lotus roots were prepared with such detail. It is done with perfection. 
When sinking my teeth into it, it was crunchy yet tender but not overly soft and soggy.
The master chef behind all these creation is Chef Lee Weng Eng.
Stuffed Lotus Roots with Special Fish Paste.
Jeanie explains "the lotus roots is a cool vegetable and the special fish paste is added with a little spice (slightly hot) to balance things up"
Love this dish- full of vege goodness. I'm sure my parents will love it too. comes everybody's favourite from young to old.
You simply cannot go wrong with this. Crispy Deep Fried Sesame Chicken

Check out their other yummy desserts here. 
There is a very interesting one that is both hard and soft.
Pumpkin and Ginko Nut Yam Paste. A famous Teochew dessert. 
Smooth textured yam paste that melts in your mouth.
Taiwanese Special Dessert: Sweet Yam in Honey Sauce
Deep fried yam (still boiling hot) is placed in ice cool tub.

Soaked in ice cold water
The effect: Soft yam on the inside, hard caramel candy on the outside.
It's hard and soft at the same time.
Bila buka, you can see the soft yam texture on the inner parts coated 
with hard caramelized honey. Sink your teeth in these and you will want more.
It was certainly a pleasure getting to try such interesting food.
I certainly am amazed by the food prepared here and will be back for more!

For those in search of interesting Taiwanese Cuisine, check out the 
New Formosa Restaurant in Petaling Jaya.

New Formosa is located at:
46 Jalan SS 2/24, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
+60 3 7875 7478 

Business Hours:
12:00 PM – 3:00 P.M
6:00 PM – 10.30 PM

For more information, log on to

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