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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Brazzo By The Bay, Johor

Western Fine Dining at its best!
This is one of the coolest place to hangout in Johor Bahru right now. 
A place suitable for family with kids (child friendly place) and a great place to chill and catch up with friends. This place has great potential. 
It's a great place to host events and launches too.
Brazzo by the bay sits just across Jalan Skudai, opposite  Danga Bay Marina

View taken from Brazzo By The Bay.
You can't miss this sign on the front porch.
If the parking lot within the restaurant is full, just head on over to the allocated parking lot that comes with a security guard. Your vehicles will be safe here.
This place simply takes my breath away. 
Stepping in to the restaurant for the first time, 
I fell in love with the outdoor dining concept area. 
Suddenly I felt so at ease and carefree.

Let me take you on a journey 
on what's on the outside first which is my favourite spot.

Here diners get to experience dining out in the open air. 
Such a breath of fresh air. Interesting place to dine, right?
Here's a quick snapshot on what they have to offer. 
They serve full meals here. 
But this time round, I only had drinks.
 I heard the food here is awesome. Oh well, maybe next time.
This was what I had. Simple drinks served in a beautiful transparent cup, surrounded by lush greenery that is pleasing to the eyes. Ahhh....this is life!
This is another area where one can sit and chill with friends.
Here's a closer look at the interior.
Love the space and simplistic design.
Testing out the seats in the corner.

So let's move in to what's on the inside. 

The lighting is at a comfortable level. 
Not too bright and not too dark.
 The interior exudes classic elegance with a rustic feel.
VIP Room Area for privacy
 Collection of fine wines
 Cigars are also for sale here. Ahhh....pure luxury.
 A fun shot with my friend, Mike.
 And one shot for remembrance before I left. 
Thanks for introducing this new awesome place to me, Mike. 
I will be back next time for the food. 
Overall, I had a great experience here. 
The surroundings were relaxing, the service was excellent. The staff were polite. 
I will definitely be back in my next Johor trip.
Meanwhile, enjoy a Virtual Tour from the video I have taken here

Brazzo By The Bay is located at:

29-D, Jalan Skudai, Straits View, Johor Bahru

Operating Hours: 4.00pm-1.00am (Mon - Sun)

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