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Tuesday, August 12, 2014


What really goes into a woman’s handbag?
For me, it's the basic essentials : my purse, my keys, my makeup pouch, my handphone, my umbrella and my water bottle. Friends who know me well will often complain why I carry such a huge bag and why is my bag so heavy. 

Angkat beg berapa kg? 

Well, it's time I re-look into what I put in my bag.
Just last week, I received a gift that reduced the weight of my bag tremendously. 
Want to know what is it? 

                       It 's this!
      Tada....And I am so grateful for it!

It's the new Mini Eco Bottle (310ml) by Tupperware , the new ultimate must-have in every handbag. It's a new CHIC fashion accessory for my bag. 
Super stylish, super handy and trendy.
And it fits perfectly into my handbag! 

                                                                It comes in 3 beautiful colours. 
Margarita (Green), Grape Fizz (Purple) and Fushia Kiss (Pink)

      Now, there's no excuse not to slip this in my handbag and stay hydrated when I'm on the go.

Picture credit: Tupperware Facebook

So how small is the Mini Eco Bottle?

It is compact in size as small as my phone! Slipping easily into any handbag or a bag organizer, the bottle comes in handy as it’s light and the spill proof screw top cap will keep you hydrated on-the-go whether you’re on the run with a busy schedule or taking a leisurely stroll in a park.

Ergonomically designed and easy to hold, the Mini Eco Bottle is more than what it seems. Durable and environmentally friendly, it is also free of the controversial chemical Bisphenol A (BPA) which can be found in the lining of food cans and water bottles.

Advocating sustainability, Tupperware Brands encourages healthy living for a healthier environment. By adopting the reuse and reduce habit, bringing the Mini Eco Bottle along in your handbag as one of your five (5) must-have items, you will be contributing to the efforts of a greener environment by reducing garbage contribution.

 It actually takes 1,000 years for non-eco bottles to be disposed. Not only that, drinking beverage from a BPA free eco bottle will assist you in staying healthy and free from contamination.

Sold in a set of three (3) at RM45.00, the Mini Eco Bottle can be purchased at any Tupperware Brands Authorize Business Centres. 
For more information, please log on to

For more information, please call 1300 88 5500 (toll free)

Instagram: @tupperwarebrandsmalaysia
Twitter: @tupperwaremsia

About Tupperware Brands
A pioneer in innovative storage products, Tupperware has grown into a trusted and respected global entity. Established over 60 years ago, its presence has made a significant difference in the lives and homes of millions the world over. In 2005, Tupperware Corporation changed its name to Tupperware Brands Corporation to reflect its increasing product diversity, in-line with its corporate strategy to add premium consumable items to the product category mix.
Today, Tupperware Brands continues to break new grounds as a multi-brand, multi-category, direct sales conglomerate with an attractive and rewarding business opportunity. It strives to make a difference in the lives of women in the communities in which it operates, by offering them the opportunity to better their lives and create a positive impact on their families.
Tupperware Brands believes in “Changing Lives, One at a Time”.

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