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Monday, August 4, 2014

My visit to the Pop Market at Jaya One

Last weekend, I attended the weekend POP Market organized by Pop Culture Shopping Guide. It was their very first bazaar event. It was a vendor mix of fashion, food and arts.
And so, I made my way to The School Jaya One on a Sunday afternoon for a look-see-session.

Some hip fashion bloggers were seen there.
They are not only visitors but also the fashion vendors.

One such lovely lady sighted there was super chic Juliana Lee. She is seen here posing stylishly in front of her "kiosk". She blogs at

Here's a selfie with gorgeous Juliana whom I have just gotten to know that day. 
Pardon the plain no-make-up me. 
I am Simple Jane for the day!

Ellips Hair Vitamin was so generous with their samples. 
I received their hair mask sheet and hair vitamin capsules. 

Also sempat joined their contest.  
Please vote by liking for my picture here
Pretty please....

For those who have missed the Pop Market, here are some pictures for you to catch a glimpse of the happenings at the bazaar and items that were on sale.
Phone covers for sale.

Clothes Galore

Creative jewellery pieces

Look! I found a butterfly earring that's so sweet.
Tons of earring designs to choose from. Take your pick!
Cupcakes for sale. Little girl jaga kedai

This Union Jack Clutch caught my eye!

Simply out of this world earrings. Talk about being creative. Check out the top soldier and the alien piece.

Another Union Jack Clutch Bag. So bling. Yez,,, and so me!

Interesting ear piece

Posing here with friendly shop owner.

Mask earrings. How unique!

The stage is set

Unique Guitar Covers

Love this dress
Colourful popcorns to brighten up my day!

DIY time

It's showtime! Talented individuals showing their thing.

Balloons with messages

I was back for round 2: The crowd started to build up towards 3pm after the brief shower

For more info log on to:

What is Pop Culture Shopping Guide

POP CULTURE Shopping Guide is a platform that features the best of Malaysia’s 'pop'-ular (hip) retail products - including cosmetics, skincare, fragrance, fashion, designers, boutiques, hair-care, health, F&B, and online shopping, allowing them to reach out to a larger customer base of young urbanites among the target group of those between 20-30 yeas old.
Pop Culture Shopping Guide is distributed at over 600 cafe retailers, 200 fashion retail stores, 200 hair & beauty salons.


  1. Thanks for the share!
    So many DIY & creative talented bunch there!

    1. This post is specially dedicated to u, Vera since you could not make it there and you were the one who informed me about this. :)

  2. Looks like a lot of fun! Love bazaars. Always manage to have a good time at them. Thanks for the coverage. I'm sad I missed it.

  3. would there be anymore?? it looks like fun there....
    nice blog anyway.... by the way kalau sudi, tolong singgah blog saya juga