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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

KDU Simple Act of Kindness

KDU's School of Communication and Creative Arts came up with this campaign "Smiles Go Miles Campaign" and offered some goodies to random strangers at 
This campaign is from 4th - 10th August 2014.
If you're around the corner, head towards their location (Next to Borders) Level 1. 
You may see these friendly people handing out balloons and directing you upstairs.
Freebies and goodies are distributed out of good-will. Kudos to the KDU team.

The core message of this campaign is to promote a simple act of kindness or gesture to random strangers. This simple act of kindness have the power to change a life.
Go ahead and brighten up someone's day today. 
Simple gestures like a smile and saying thank you can do wonders.

View from the top. Such a heart warming scene.

This talented balloon maker was sighted and he made awesome looking balloons.

 Look at all these coourful cakes. It sure will brighten up someone's day!
It's good to receive but remember to give too!

Visitors to the booth were offered MCDONALDS toys, balloons, drinks and even cakes and ice-creams
 Colourful balloons and children having a good time

 Some of the sponsored items

 Popcorns and balloons

 Cakes anyone?

 Me and my balloons

 So head on over there these few days and grab some goodies. 
Don't forget to smile and say thank you.
Thank you for making my day, KDU!

Went back on Day 2 to support them and sighted new tempting goodies.
 Here are the goodies for today.
 Yummy marshmallow and cupcakes
 And goodie bags as gestures. Something small, but it certainly brightens up my day!

  Here's one group shot of the KDU students behind this meaningful project.
These students are really creative and really know how to draw the crowd. Good job guys!
And me posing with little Miss Korea and Captain America (Hey it rhymes!)

Log on to
and help them like their pictures and posts for their assignment.
All the best in your project, guys! Have fun and spread some cheer around!

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