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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Celebrating my birthday with perfect brows from Benefit Cosmetics

Do you know that you can get a free brow waxing service on your birthday month?
I am pleased to share with you my Brow Waxing Experience at Benefit cosmetics.
            First my brow area was cleansed to remove all make up residue with their gentle 
            cream based make up remover.

Next my brows were "marked" with this tool (macam ice-cream sticks) 
to determine the starting, middle and ending points for a more defined brow.
Next, I waiting the wax to "heat up"
 Looks scary. Doing this for the first time. But it's not that scary after all. Let me tell you why.
The beauty adviser tested the wax's heat on her skin first before mine. How thoughtful!

Next, she placed some wax behind my hands (just below my palm) to see if I'm fine with the temperature. It wasn't hot. And she removed the wax with a cloth like strip.

My beauty adviser, Athena was very attentive. She did my brow part by part from the sides, to the bottom and the top again. All very well covered.
 The whole process took almost 20 minutes and my dear friends waited for me and browsed through some products.
 One was fascinated with this poster. 
 Now, back to the waxing procedure.
 First, the wax was applied on to the areas meant to be waxed. It was not hot. And it's bearable.
 Next, she placed the cloth like strip on to the wax area before it dries out.
And SWOOSH! Before I knew it, my bulu tanggal.
 Here's she is applying on other areas at the centre of my brow.
 Here we go again. SWOOSH. 
 Now the bottom of my brows
 Once the strip is pulled off, it looks like this.
 See some of the brow bulu stuck there.
Slight redness from the waxing.
 This bottle is a pre and post wax oil to remove all wax residue on my brow area.
Well, it's not fully done yet. The thoughtful people of Benefit even gave my brow a trim after that.
And some minor touch ups to conceal the redness.
The final touches was to give my brow a more prominent look with a slight brow make up.
 Next, I tried on their REAL LINER. One of my favourite Benefit item which is on my wishlist for my birthday this year.
 See how smoothly it glides on my eyes. I love the jet black matte colour and gel-like formula.
 My attentive beauty adviser, Athena. 
  YEAH! I'm done! I now have well defined brows and eyes that stands out
 with the REAL LINER. Thanks to Benefit.
 And, I finally get to own my very own REAL LINER. Feeling Victorious.
 All thanks to my girlfriends who bought me this as my birthday gift this year. 
Thank you ladies. Muacks! I am a happy girl!
Here's a list of Benefit's services and pricing besides brow waxing. They have so much to offer.

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